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Space X Apes - The protectors of Planet X on Sol Metaverse - Exclusive 2222 NFT collection
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About SpaceXApes

A powerful brand for our community that doesn’t just represents a profile art, but a Generative Reward Eco-cycle (GRE) through its true utilisation of blockchain evolution.


We want our SXA Gang to start earning from the off set. Therefore those who mint a pass to space will automatically enter in a raffle to win prizes in SOL.


10 x winners of $100
5 x winners of $500
Once the Mint is concluded we will run a live raffle session in Discord which will include the Mint Range between 1 - 2,222 and there are going to be 15 Lucky winners selected for SOL airdrop using a randomiser.

NFT based

3 x Winners of $1,000
1 x Winner of $3,000
These winners will be based on minting a 'Specific Trait' which we will announce in the server before Mint.


33% of total royalty to be distributed among SXA Verified holders each month.

3D Art

Each verified holder who holds Gen 1 SXA NFT will be eligible for 3D Airdrop as part of our next drop.

$SXA Token

Tokens will be allocated based on Gen 1 & Gen 2 holding per verified holders which will be tradable on Solana based Dex.


Each verified holder for both Gen 1 & Gen 2 of SXA NFT will receive a share in Solice Metaverse land and a % share of any revenue generated from our Metaplanet.

SpaceXApes Roadmap

  • PHASE1

  • Creation of 2,222 SapceXApes (SXA) in SpaceX Labs by De.General Musk.
    Discord and Socials deployment to start building our platoon.
    Website Launch.
    Marketing campaigns across major NFT platforms via promoted spots to gain wider awareness and visibility.
  • PHASE 2

  • Mint to Earn - Each Mint will automatically enter holders in a raffle to win prizes in SOL. Check details in Discord pre mint.
    Listing on secondary marketplace including Magic Eden, Solsea and potentially Solanart right after mint.
    Rarity will also be available within 6-12 hrs via Rarity Sniper or RarityMon once the minting phase is over.
  • PHASE 3

  • Verified Holder DAO by Solaland allowing unique space for verified holders.
    Royalty Distribution - 33% of total royalty to be distributed among SXA Verified holders each month.
    - 33% will be held in community wallet to help maintain the flight to orbit where verified holders decide and vote on the usage of funds.
    - 33% will go to the creator.
  • PHASE 4

  • A 3D version of SXA to be made available for each verified holder who is holding Gen 1 SXA NFT. The remaining supply will be available for public sale.
    3D SXA will be offered in usual NFT style, chest up. However each character will be designed fully for its utilisation in SXA MetaPlanet.
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  • PHASE 5

  • Solice Metaverse - SXA holders will have the opportunity to own a share of Land we are going to purchase on Solice Metaverse in order to create our MetaPlanet. Holder of both SXA Gens will only qualify for the land share. Holders of this share will receive exclusive income % from each transaction that happens on the MetaPlanet.
    There are going to be hang out pods in our Meta where verified holders will get free access to hang around with other holders in the mythical space themed environment.
  • PHASE 6

  • Airdrop of $SXA Token
    Gen 1 = 1.25X
    Gen 2 = 1X
    Gen 1 & 2 = 1.5X
    Verified Holders will be able to claim these airdrops through our website and trade them on Dex.
    Gaming Base - Holders will have free access to the Challenge Arena. Here verified holders will be able to participate in different challenges and earn rewards. Users will be able to purchase various add-ons to boost their levels and earn greater rewards.


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SpaceXApes Team

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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Co Founder / Lead Artist
Co Founder / Tech Lead
Marketing / Designer

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