Space Worm

Space Worm

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A very hungry intergalactic Space Worm on a mission to devour the entire DeFi Omniverse!
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About Space Worm

Our Intergalactic Space Worm — Jim, is setting out on a mission to devour the entire DeFi Omniverse.

The hungry Space Worm is here to devour everything in the galaxy, his burn rate is high and just like a game of snake, with each meal he gets larger in size, taking away potential meals for his enemies. Space Worm is even more deflationary because it consumes everything and leaves nothing behind, not even a tail to hit (no step on snek). We’ve implemented a true obliteration burn that completely removes tokens from the total supply, with burns occurring on each transaction, this ensures Jim can set out on his mission to eventually begin to consume entire Planets and Nebulas.
Space Worm also has a unique liquidity injection protocol (similar to that of Spiral’s) Where the 1% liquidity tax per transaction is injected directly into the $WORM-ETH pool. This ensure we have smooth uptrends with the cushioning to survive constant market fluctuation, keep in mind the burns happening on every transaction. This ensures parabolic growth over time.


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