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Provide a new kind of utility token - CAK - Cache Account Key - allows the token owner to use, rent or sell it. Sooloox plans to develop an Ethereum based platform that allows consumers to sell leads and generate revenue using data. The owner of CAK participates in the transaction on the platform. There is no entrance barrier for new users. Sooloox token is not a new ecosystem lubricant. Customers make revenue with data - Companies have direct access to customers at lower cost - Vendor market barriers are reduced due to a direct and broader way to buyers - CAK owners will be able to rely on data from subsequent CAK offers For the long-term or short-term benefits including pre-emption rights can be chosen - the possibility of the CAK market is 3.6 10% - we are offering less than 1% of 30 million. Our platform base is the destructive marketing and trading model executed by our interest dimension and transaction box.
Risk: Very High
May 4, 2018
Jun 30, 2019
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Cap 1 000 000.00 USD
Hard cap 30 000 000.00 USD
Apr 16, 2018
Apr 21, 2018
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
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Turks and Caicos Islands
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Platform, Software, Smart Contract, Artificial Intelligence


Consumers are currently the cash cows of the advertising industry.

Data is collected and processed in countless places with and without the consumers’s knowledge.

CONSUMERS supply their data; but they do not get any compensation or rewarding.

SOOLOOX will change this with the SOOLOOX platform.

We will enable consumers to make money with their data!

SOOLOOX Platform

The basis for the platform is the - Interest Dimension & Transaction-Box - we call it - IDTX. It may be the beginning of a revolution in the advertising and online marketing market.

Interests are regularly the starting point of the demand for products or services of all kinds. These interests are made available as leads* for suppliers with the help of IDTX.

*A lead is the successful contact initiation of a product or service supplier to a potential customer.

The platform participants can take on different roles at the same time.

Users, in the role of a customer, earn money with their leads (interest-lead).
Users in the role of a vendor can buy these leads and convert them to purchase agreements (transaction leads) - i.e. faster and less expensive sales.

The IDTX enables the "matching" of interests and product offers, thus becoming a tool that satisfies the needs of CONSUMERS and COMPANIES.<br><br>From Classic marketing to disruptive marketing!


  • View offers
  • Qualify for offers
  • Express needs "appropriately" to get "appropriate" offers
  • Visit specified geographic locations
  • Confirm purchasing decisions
  • Receive bonus with complaint
  • free purchase process
  • Create reviews of purchasing experience
  • Verify reviews of purchasing experience
  • Define interest profile
  • Define needs profile
  • Define inventory profile

Technical Info

Ethereum ERC20 standard token.


  • 12.2017

  • Sooloox website online
    ICO registration period
  • 04.2018

  • -ICO Pre-Sale period
  • 05.2018

  • ICO period
  • 06.2018

  • - regulatory / legal sandbox
    - technical concept development
    - IDTX / Smart Contract development
    - selected api development
    - api integration
  • Read More
  • 06.2019

  • - platform beta launch
    - bug bounty
    - security bounty
    - usability bounty
  • 07.2019

  • launch & further development



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Klaus Heuser
Project leader
Kurt Mohrs
Project leader
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Project strong sides: interesting idea of selling by user his personal data.

Project weak sides: marketing costs were planned only in hard cap case; no marketing plan presented; no market analysis performed and looks like project have no competitive advantages; no detailed information about team was presented.

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Looking at the potential that Sooloox packs up its sleeve, and considering that users will be in total control of their CAKs, deciding whether to use, sell or rent it, is safe to say this platform is completely legit. Not forgetting, there is a lot in it for the users, since there are attractive “Early bird” bonuses for the first-time buyers.

Remember that participating in Sooloox is only possible with ETHER, so you just have to ensure your wallet is ERC20 compatible.

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