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Soluna (SLNH) is the leading developer of green data centers for batchable computing, powered by wasted renewable energy
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About Soluna

Soluna harnesses the power of computing to accelerate the renewable energy future

Our data centers can buy every excess megawatt to use for batch-oriented, computing-intensive processes such as cryptocurrency mining or machine learning, and this solution is as low-risk and low-friction to use as a smartphone.

Most renewable power plant operators struggle selling all the energy they generate. We build small-footprint data centers to buy & use all their ‘excess’ energy. So they earn profits & tax credits for every megawatt they produce.

By bringing demand to power plants we take an otherwise wasted resource and apply it to the growing, worldwide demand for highly intensive computing.

A fast-growing, batch-oriented market.

We are helping power plant owners reach their revenue goals by making money where they now lose it on wasted energy.

We are helping the data scientists of the world solve the world’s most pressing problems, to do so with the comfort that they are making solid business decisions and are not destroying the planet.

We have a large growing global pipeline and partnerships with some of the world’s top infrastructure partners.

With Soluna, they can SELL. EVERY. MEGAWATT.

Renewable energy should be a global superpower, and…

Computing is a better catalyst.

Soluna Team

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Michael Toporek
Chief Executive Officer
John Belizaire
Chief Executive Officer
Jessica Thomas
Chief Financial Officer
Dipul Patel
Chief Technology Officer
Mary O’Reilly
Chief People Officer

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