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Coinadvisor is a one-stop shop for the cryptotrader’s community. Will permit to: access several accounts from one Single Control Panel Interface; easily develop and backtest algorithmic strategy; use those strategies for live trading and earn an extra income renting them out; etc.
Apr 6, 2018
May 27, 2018
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Platform, Cryptocurrency, Software, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

About СoinAdvisor

Blockchain, Smart Contract and Crypto technology are game changers with respect to the traditional economy. Many activities will be completely revolutionized. Entire sectors will completely disappear over a couple of decades and many intermediaries will become useless. People are getting together to found something they truly want, something they truly believe in. Trust is the new fuel that will lead sleeping energy to explode in a disruptive wave that will economically and socially reshu e the cards.

COIN ADVISOR is riding this disruptive wave, building a one stop shop for the Crypto community and a powerful TRADING PLATFORM that will make hedge fund technology and skills available to everybody. Machine Learning and Arti cial Intelligence will no longer be an exclusive of big nancial institutions. Private developers will now be able to increase their revenue by renting out their strategies to other private individuals. Furthermore, the possibility to unite several crypto and traditional brokers’ accounts into one single interface will make it much easier to trade, engage in arbitrage or fully implement a hedge market neutral portfolio.

Owners of CADV tokens will also be able to pass their trading signal to other users boosting their return. The best free trading strategy provider will be awarded by COIN ADVISOR.

Our major goal for carrying out an ICO is to create and develop a platform and a community that allows easy crypto-assets trading, both discretionary and automatically from different exchanges via a single interface or cloud bot. Among the multitude of ways to launch a project, we chose the Initial Coin Offering because it broadens the pool of potential participants. An ICO allows us to reach people from all over the world with the prospect of exponential endorsement of COIN ADVISOR in their respective areas.

СoinAdvisor Roadmap

  • 3Q17

  • Developing Python base trading BOT for private use.
  • 4Q17

  • Decision to develop trading platform for third party use, and found it by an ICO.
  • 1Q18

  • Basic alpha version release (backtesting tools).
  • 2Q18

  • ICO launch. CADV listing. Beta version release (Single control panel, Arbitrage tools).
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  • 3Q18

  • Online Beta Test of MVP (all main tools included), user feedback and suggestion.
  • 4Q18

  • Online in full service mode (and the mobile app if fund will permit it).
  • 1H19

  • Activation all payable service. Coding and customization service assistance.
  • 2H19

  • Penetrating traditional assets market.


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СoinAdvisor Team

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Filippo La Ganga
Co-Founder and CEO
Alessandro Del Gallo
Co-Founder and CTO
Stefano Scarrone
Back-end Developer
Ruben Cisternino
Marketing and Communication
Vincenzo Grasso
Data science and ML Engineering
Augusto Siccardi
Branding and UX/UI
Adriano Sanna
Interactive designer


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Vaiva Peciukonyte

СoinAdvisor Interviews

Alessandro Del Gallo
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
(Co-founder and C.T.O) is a computer scientist and IT operations manager
with more than ten years of experience in linux server administration and network engineering.
Alessandro has explored Blockchain technology in its full spectrum: from mining, to coding, trading
and building platforms to work with crypto's.
Ruben Cisternino
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I am a financial market specialist and business developer focused on Asset Management and Retail Brokerage. I Hold a degree in Business Management from Bocconi University and a Cryptocurrency and
Blockchain technology enthusiast.
My role in Coinadvisor is to supervise and organize Marketing and Social Media campaigns and to handle relationships with Advisors and Top-Tier Investors.

СoinAdvisor Last News

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СoinAdvisor Reviews


The project COIN ADVISOR has only two strengths:

Team with relevant experience
Realistic business plan.

Further should be mentioned the shortcomings:

Huge competition in the market
Non-original concept of the product
Lack of marketing strategy and strong competitive advantages.

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Coin Advisor trading platform is the brainchild of Filippo La Ganga and Alessandro del Gallo and is supported by a team of experts with extensive experience in communications and marketing, software and machine learning engineering, Artificial Intelligence solutions, compliance, and legal framework etc. Coin Advisor is using the disruptive technology of the blockchain to offer opportunities, strategies, and tools to meet the needs of users in the crypto community.

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