Smart Signals

Smart Signals

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The smart signal RSM represents the statistical model of the reviewer. This algorithm works deep within the code of the smart signal and evaluates the reviewer himself. Briefly, users with low ratings do not affect the evaluation as highly valued evaluators. Evaluation of Both Parties In a normal B2B contract, the parties must evaluate each other before concluding / canceling the contract. In this way, the RSM chain is continued.
Jun 1, 2018
Sep 30, 2018
100% completed
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Goal 13 200 000.00 USD
Cap 5 000 000.00 USD
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    1.13 USD
Apr 25, 2018
May 15, 2018
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Goal 11 700 000.00 USD
Cap 4 000 000.00 USD
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Mar, 2018
Apr, 2018
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Goal 2 100 000.00 USD
Cap 100 000.00 USD
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Ethereum ERC20

About Smart Signals

The Problem

1) No Current Way of Truly Valuating Service Providers

2) Valuating can be Manipulated/Fabricated


The Solution : Smart Signals

Smart Signals is a Full-Proof Blockchain-based Rating & Ranking Solution/Accessing Portal for Sectors like Manufacturers, Suppliers and other B2B Services.

Smart Signals, all your needs in one place. You can easily valuate and choose the best the services per your need without a second thought as Smart Signals, Runs on a Blockchain based platform hence there is no chance of manipulation of ratings and reviews as everything in the blockchain is truly inter-connected with our RSM Algorithm working in the back end. 

RSM Stands for Reviewer's Statistical Model. This algorithm runs deep within the codes of Smart Signals and evaluates the reviewer itself.

Both, The Buyer and Seller Will have Ratings Based on their Previous Transactions on the Portal
In simple words, a user with a low rating will not affect a company ratings as much as a reviewer with a high rating will.


#1 All at once
In the Smart Signals Portal, You can search and categorize all services & products of your need, all in one single portal. It contains a wide range of services ranging from; Manufacturers, Suppliers, Service Providers & Individuals. 


#2 Fool-Proof

Smart Signals is a blockchain-based Portal and Rating System for a wide range of services. Using blockchain makes this portal secure and our RSM algorithm leaves no chance for fake reviews and valuation.

#3 Blockchain Based

The whole project is fully blockchain based. Everything in the Portal is Interconnected, From Payments to Reviews from customers. Our RSM Algorithm leaves no chance for customers to fake their reviews.

Technical Info

When Creating a Smart Contract/Smart Transaction in the Portal, These steps are followed.


  • Searching Manufacture/Supplier/Service Provider.
  • Log in to MetaMask with SST Token address.
  • Search required Manufactures/Supplier/Service Provider.
  • Check the actual Rating & Ranking with genuine feedback posts.
  • Select the Provider and Offer price which suits to your work.
  • Generate Contract by using SST Tokens.
  • You can also award part payment to provider as mutually decided.
  • Once everything is Okay, fund the escrow account.
  • Get your work completed in time with 100% satisfaction.

Once you are satisfied release the fund.

Smart Signals Roadmap

  • Q2-18

  • ICO
  • Q3-18

  • Token Listed on Major Exchanges
  • Q4-18

  • Team Expansion
  • Q1-19

  • Final Project Design, Technology Planning
  • Read More
  • Q2-19

  • Development Start
  • Q1-20

  • Mass Marketing
  • Q2-20

  • Project Launch


30 Days Growth:

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