Smart Little Machine ICO

Smart Little Machine ICO

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Website builder for adult and gaming websites
Risk: High
Apr 1, 2018
Apr 30, 2018
100% completed
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Mar 1, 2018
Mar 31, 2018
100% completed
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About Smart Little Machine ICO

Our infrastructure will be constructed on the Google Cloud Platform due to the need for scalability, available data analytics capabilities, and a broad array of other tools that are easily accessible for integration as the demand increases.
Technology Stack
To allow for continuous development, our architecture will use Docker to containerize the applications and services. Our frontend user interface is being built using React and paired with Next.js providing SSR, Redux and Material-UI.
Peer to Peer Token Exchange
Convert your LMs into fiat currency or popular cryptocurrencies with our peer to peer token exchange system.
Core Layer
Our core is comprised of smart contracts and tooling which provide the foundational governance and functionalities necessary to develop our cloud based managed service applications (PaaS).
CMS Platform
Designed for simplicity our CMS platform will include the following core applications; payment processing, content distribution, age verification compliance, low latency video streaming, affiliate networking, machine learning, data analysis, security and user management and IoT Internet of things device connectivity.  On top of the core applications our community of developers will provide an endless selection of drag and drop branded applications such as, poker and blackjack tables, sports betting, crowd funding, video tube, real time chat and countless others.
User Interface Platform
The user interface platform is a collection of branded applications that tie together underlying pieces of the ecosystem to attract paying audiences. Any individual or business will be able to build and manage their own customized platform leveraging our managed services and our community applications.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars hiring developers and paying for expensive infrastructure you will be able to launch your own branded website in minutes and scale automatically as you grow.

Smart Little Machine ICO Roadmap

  • 2017 - Q2

  • Development of our core application started.
  • 2017 - Q2

  • Development of our core application started.
  • 2018 - Q2

  • Increase our development team and begin developing our CMS platform.
  • 2018 - Q4

  • Launch a tip based Live Video Streaming website on our CMS platform. Participants will be able to sell their tokens on our exchange at this time.
  • Read More
  • 2018 - Q4

  • Open CMS platform to developers for application develop- ment.
  • 2019 - Q2

  • Launch CMS to the public as
  • 2019 - Q2

  • Launch CMS to the public as


Smart Little Machine ICO Team

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Scott Parker
CEO - Founder
Jeison Berdugo
iOS and Android Mobile developer. HTML5, PHP, JS,...
Hugo Tilano
HTML5, JS, Python, Full Stack developer
Andrés Lastra
Statistics, DBA, NodeJS, Full Stack developer
Ignacio Acuña
5.0 15
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