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SKYCHAIN is a block chain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use Artificial Neural Networks (AN Ns) by the market participants of the health to reduce medical errors that can possibly lead to death.
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Feb 26, 2018
Mar 31, 2018
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Platform, Cryptocurrency, Health, Artificial Intelligence

About Skychain

We present you a Skychain project. Skychain is an infrastructure blockchain project aimed to host, train and use artificial neural networks (ANNs) by market participants.

First years of Skychain development will be devoted only to medicine to help doctors and patients have accurate diagnoses using this system.

Skychain is a "sharing economy" project, it means that each member of the Skychain ecosystem will provide his resources and thus create a product that is ahead of any competitors. In its turn, the system will reward each participant with high benefits.

Skychain is a project that will "uberize" artificial neural networks, but with developers of individual ANNs instead of taxi drivers, consumers of ANNs (doctors and patients) instead of passengers and computers and server of miners instead of cars. In the future, Skychain may be used for building, fast distributed training and further use of a wide range of neural networks not only in medicine.

IBM estimates the artificial intelligence market in the sphere of medicine at $200 billion a year in a few years. The goal of Skychain is to take control over 70% of this market!

The way to achieve this goal is to create the best open infrastructure that will accumulate the resources of the majority of participants of this industry and surpass any closed corporate product.


Skychain will provide an opportunity to engineer, teach and host neural networks and provide paid access for independent specialists and organizations.
Skychain will bring together thousands of laboratories and corporations, manufacturers of artificial neural networks and provide an easy access to their neural networks for consumers from around the world.

Skychain Roadmap

  • 2017

  • Research and development works carried out in key areas of the project. The working capacity of all key technologies and algorithms of Skychain confirmed. Thus, Skychain is based on a fully developed architecture, algorithms, protocols and approaches.
    Pre ICO
  • June 2018

  • Skyсhain Alfa
  • December 2018

  • Skyсhain Beta
  • June 2019

  • Skyсhain Release
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  • 2025

  • By 2025, we expect that Skyshain's capabilities in the field of hosting any ANNs, as well as the huge computing resources of Skychain miners, will be in demand by specialists in a wide range of areas, not only medicine


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Skychain Team

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Gennady Popov
Ivan Svistunov
Chief technology officer
Alexander Kuzmin
Chief operating officer
Sergey Verbitskiy
Full-stack Developer
Egor Chertov
Community Manager
Dmitry Musinov
Full-stack Developer
Alexey Vushkov
Full-stack Developer


Verified 0%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Sergey Shumskiy
Deep Learning Advisor
Andrey Reznik
Business adviser
Elena Kondrakhina
Medicine adviser
Anton Klechenov
Scientific advisor
Konstantin Sablin
Medicine adviser
Tessa Little
Scientific advisor
Farid Maz
Scientific advisor
Francois Van Wyk
Medicine adviser
Michele Novi
Medicine adviser
Maria Florenteva
Digital Healthcare Advisor
Maxim Golikov
Medicine adviser

Skychain Interviews

Egor Chertov
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I am responsible for community management and marketing communications at Skychain LLC - an international blockchain-based project, which provides the possibility to create, train and use high-quality medical neural networks. I believe in our idea and I am sure about my colleagues. Our project will be a success!

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Skychain Reviews

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert

SKYCHAIN is a block chain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use Artificial Neural Networks (AN Ns) by the market participants of the health to reduce medical errors that can possibly lead to death.


  • The platform enables easy analysis of medical tests using hundred of trained neural networks and get accurate diagnosis, prescribe treatments and equally adjust  the treatments upon receiving new data based on the diagnosis
  • The closed loop system of the skychain enables the users to upload their private medical dataset and earn royalty  upon the use  of their dataset on training and use for every neural network
  • The platform ensures that the miners become more useful , in addition to the generation of the crypto currency they also perform socially useful functions of high economic value  and not only get rewarded for the proof of work but also proof of deep learning and training  and proof of neural networks
  • The accuracy  and efficiency of the neural networks is constantly  improved  as the platform receives feedback in the form of patient test results ,symptoms and recovery dynamics from the requested artificial neural network
  • The platform enables the users to develop their own neural and offer training with the help of Sky chain global coins distributed  in the super computers
  • The team involved has credible skills and experience relevant for the faster growth of the project. The CEO has  many years of experience in the health sector having enabled the automation of the medical laboratories and automated recognition of images with MRIs and CT Scans for machine detection of pathologies of organs and joints
  • The platform whitepaper is simple and understandable to all users and contains all the details involving the platform  and  token use from the onset


       1.  The token holders having no benefits of rights of ownership or property in the company

  • The platform funds raised during the Pre-ICO stage are not insured hence can be easily lost
  • The users have limited access to the purchase of the tokens as they are limited by state legislations


       1.  Increase the number of the team involved in the project implementation

  • The funds raised during the pre-ICO stage should be insured to prevent any losses that can hinder the project implementation


The project through the use of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) promotes the efficiency in the health sector through accurate and faster medical tests from several neural network which  are integrated together hence eliminating the possible errors from the doctors. I would therefore highly invest in this project


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The Skychain ICO is being developed to change the medical industry through neural networks, by making them available all around the world. In this way, every participant of the system can reap the benefits from the neural network data by earning rewards.

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The general rule when investing in ICOs is that you should always invest in those that do jump off the white paper at you and ones that are aimed at an industry that you are completely familiar with and will be making changes to that industry in a positive way.

What Skychain are offering once they have reached their ICO funding goals can be quite complicated to understand if you are not on the medical world and environment, and as such it may be completely alien to you.

But at the end of the day it can often be those ICOs that you wouldn’t normally invest in that can bear fruit and give you some excellent returns on investments so do take a read through of their white paper for even if you are not medically trained you should get a good understanding of their concept.

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