Simba Empire

Simba Empire

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The more animals you earn, The more fortunes you gain.
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About Simba Empire

The Simba Empire has existed and flourished throughout the decades. It is divided into 6 main classes represented for 19 levels with the domination of the most powerful, majestic and talented Emperor. He divides the territory into regions which are ruled by the Kings and Viceroys. The imperial palace life is luxury and splendid, but severe and orderly. The Viceroy, Grand Duke and Prince act as capable partners of the King in governing the territory, leading military commands and law enforcement. Other 5 titles below them are assigned different roles and powers together with the Bishop bolstering political activities and protecting the national religion. And after all, the Guards, Knights, and Bodyguards are the lowest divisions in the Palace but account for the largest number. They are strictly trained to be able to protect the integrity of the territorial belt. The lives of animals outside the royal family are diverse and developing from agriculture, forestry to some heavy industries.

In short, Simba Empire is an NFTs Game which mainly deployed on the Polygon network following the standard NFT ERC 721. You will own Simba NFTs with different levels and become stronger to govern the Simba kingdom, affirming dominance.


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