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SOP token to be used in e-shopping
Jul 4, 2019
Aug 4, 2019
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About ShoppingOfPeople

What is Shopping of People? What does SOP token do? First of all, let's clarify the shopping of people project. The main activityofthe project is e-trade. In e-trade systems, we see that boss- oriented activities rather than user-oriented dominate the market and the market. With this project, we will put an end to this reign and dominance. But how? Nowadays, we see that all companies and organizations operating in e-trade are monopolizing and over-strengthening.We aim to establish a user- oriented system, and we plan to make the benefits not only by the boss but also by the users. For everyone, earnings are better and beneficial for a single person.

We will prevent this with a new regulation by taking into account some injustices in reference systems. We aim to win not only one reference but also the employee with the product reference, but how? Product reference is the ability of products with high reference earnings to draw references with a unique reference link;that is, it will enabledifferentreferencestowin, notthefirst one. This system will be validfor products with high value. The reference award for products not exceeding $ 5, the first reference will be accepted as the reference. So what is SOP Token, how will it work and what is its benefit? SOP Token is the crypto currency that will be available on Shoppingofpeople’s e-trade platform.You can shop or partner with the Platform's earnings through your existing SOP Token 45% of the earningswillbe distributedtothe SOP Tokenholders


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