Shady Cat

Shady Cat

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Inu's Have Had Their Time.
A New Dawn Is Upon Us.
Welcome The Age Of The Cat...
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About Shady Cat


Shady Cat (SCAT) was launched in February 2022 with the goal of becoming a surreptitious DeFi community focused on a developing genuine project aiming to create real value and utility.

Shady Cats mission is to bring a new cryptocurrency concept to everyone. Unlike older, comparable projects, SCAT introduces holders to the next generation concepts such as NFTs with utility, rewards and more. Within the first month of planning, Shady Cat have made huge plans for an entire ecosystem built around the Shady Cat brand, including NFT's, gaming as well as exciting announcements in the future.

Shady Cat has been developed to be more than a basic token. Our vision is for Shady Cat to become a universally recognised digital brand. Our community is integral to Shady Cat's success, and we wish anyone associated with the brand to be proud Shady Cat ambassador and collaborator.

As we develop the project, we will be seeking input and feedback from our community to continually develop Shady Cat's utility. Jump on our feeds to keep up to date and where you can help. Over the coming weeks and months, we will keep you updated on our key milestones all of which can be found later in this whitepaper.

Our aim is to develop the Shady Cat community and brand in earnest so buckle up, join our feeds and enjoy the ride.

Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets have redefined wealth over recent years and have demonstrated that the acquisition of these assets contradicts traditional wealth creation pathways. Should easy access to wealth creation not be available to all walks of life? Rather than the 1% where centralised systems by design make it very difficult for those without to achieve financial freedom. How would a world look in the decades ahead where those without are not beholden to the banks, cumbersome legacy institutions and bureaucratic systems designed to keep them out, and favour the 1%?

There's no question cryptocurrencies have been volatile and will continue to show volatility in the future. The regulations and sophistication of the sector will evolve as decentralisation evolves, which we welcome at Shady Cat. The world will become more educated, wiser to the benefits of decentralisation and the benefits to their everyday lives.


Shady Cat Roadmap

  • PHASE 1

  • Develop Brand for Web 3.0
    Deploy to Metamask
    Etherscan Verification
    Domain Registration
    Twitter Account
    Discord Server
    Tiktok Account
    Instagram Account
  • PHASE 2

  • Build Website
    List on Uniswap
    Draft Whitepaper
    List on CoinGecko
    List on PancakeSwap
    List on Dojoswap
    List on CoinMarketCap
    List on 1inch
    List on SushiSwap
  • PHASE 3

  • PHASE 3
    Verify on Zerion
    Certik Audit
    Credit Card Gateway
    Develop NFT Collection
    Devlelop Merchandise
    Create Opensea profile
  • PHASE 4

  • Launch to Major Exchanges
    Develop Mobile App
    Develop Mobile Game
    NFT Launch
    NFT Minting
  • Read More
  • PHASE 5

  • Launch Merchandise
    Launch Online Store
    Expand Development Team
    Launch Mobile App
    Launch Mobile Game
  • PHASE 6

  • Shady Cat the the Moon


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