SeedMoney Finance (Layered)

SeedMoney Finance (Layered)

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Created using Figma
SeedMoney Finance
Disruptive Liquidity Mining Ecosystem
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About SeedMoney Finance (Layered)

  1. Nowadays, all fair-launch on BSC is destroyed by bots --> presale is actually fairer for people to participate equally without the intervention of bots.
  2. 2. We want more people to own $SEEDS tokens than a few whales with big bags, it is healthier for the growth of $SEEDS
  3. 3. The presale price will be 5 BUSD per $SEEDS, with a max buy of 2,000 BUSD per wallet and min buy of 20 BUSD
  4. 4. The presale will be hard-capped at 100,000 BUSD (20,000 $SEEDS)
  5. 5. Pancake listing price 40% higher than presale price: 7 BUSD per $SEEDS
  6. 6. The reason behind this price is that we want all early holders of $SEEDS to have very good returns, so we set a price that can benefit everyone that trusted $SEEDS from the start. We modeled this after GOCERBERUS, whereby holders ( 5x gains for many people) and we want to do the same for $SEEDS holders.
  7. 7. ALL unbought $SEEDS will be burned during the actual launch.


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:
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