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A collection of 6,666 cute and adorable unicorns floating around the Solana blockchain hemisphere.
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About Seasocorns

Before time, Seasocorns lived happily and magically as they wandered across the hemisphere. They were adorable, friendly and beautiful creatures like no other. However, due to shifting tides, the rainbow belt was dispositioned and the Seasocorns were forced to split up into autumncorns, summercorns, wintercorns and springcorns.

In order to reposition the rainbow belt back in the hemisphere and give you that magical bliss you could only dream about, all four of them are needed. So, grab a hold of one or all and LET'S SEASON UP!


Seasocorns is an NFT project based upon life in its entirety. We as a team thought of a way to make life experiences relatable through common themes in the stories we tell. These common themes being closely associated to weather seasons that is; autumn, winter, spring and summer. 

Autumn, also known as the lukewarm time, being a fairly hard or easy period. Winter, known for its brutally freezing temperatures and snow, being a season of hardships and most dreaded. Spring, a time of relative cool and calm, being a season of healing from the hardships faced as life starts to get back to normal. Summer, the most liked with bright and warm temperatures, being a season of joy, happiness, new beginnings and lots of good energy. 

We hope this project not only brings us together as one, but also provides support to people both in and out of the NFT community. 


Seasocorns Roadmap

  • Season 1

  • Artwork completion and website development.

    Community building and engagement.

    Official Launch on 18th November, 2021 at 7pm UTC/ 10pm EAT.

    First Solana project partnership with Nifty Slabs.

    Confirmed partnership with Mazer Gaming.

    Civic Key Verification by team members.
  • Season 2

  • At 100% sale, designs of the first airdrop begins.

    Every Seasocorn holder will receive an airdrop of NFTs in all the four seasons that is: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

    Naming of Seasocorns.

    Rarities list updated on website.
  • Season 3

  • 25% of royalties will go to holders with 15 or more Seasocorns.

    20%of sales and revenue will go to the community wallet for further development of the project.

    Charity work. 10% of the sales will be going to different charities across Uganda.

    Community voting and input.

    Seasocorns Merchandise store.
  • Season 4

  • Official launch of Road Map 2.0.


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2 275
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1 614 225

Seasocorns Last News

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