Seaside Investment Club

Seaside Investment Club

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Invests into digital assets, real-world assets and into your ideas. With Web 3.0 technologies onboard we provide financial and personal independence opportunities for our members.
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About Seaside Investment Club


The individual is just as important as the community. Since we want to form a strong community - we want our community members to be stronger. This concept is deeply embedded within the roots of our first Apex Humanity NFT collection.

The Apex Humanity collection will consist of 10 010 unique NFTs providing different Club Membership access levels for holders. Ten of them will be of particularly great value. Learn more about the future drop in our Whitepaper.

The Vision

The digital world has evolved rapidly, which can be for good and for bad at the same time. The worst part of it is in the tendency for people to replace reality with virtual isolation. In the midst of the Corona period, I’ve noticed how people have distanced themselves further from each other. Over time people got more isolated than ever.

This is a bad tendency in my opinion. People always get stronger as they unite with like minded individuals. We would like to outline this idea of overcoming isolation during the digital era in our first NFT collection.

We believe that there are many people with great ideas, without any possibilities of putting them to practice. Our Seaside Investment Club will provide an opportunity for your ideas to be heard and brought to life.

At the same time, this system will decrease the barrier of entry for people who would like to take part in digital and real world businesses but do not have the required financial power or an idea for a business of their own. In other words, we will invest into ideas of people who do not have the resources needed and at the same time we will provide options for those who haven’t come up with ideas of their own yet.

But at the same time there are noticeably more ways for unification and cooperation now than ever before. I noticed that there are now more ways to reach people with your ideas and do something together from across the globe. But what do I want from people? I want to build a community that creates mutual opportunities for good investments and personal growth for anyone who would like to join us.

Seaside Investment Club Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Community Contests - During the first phase there will be several contests held in our official Discord server intended to benefit the most active and talented community members.

    Charity Program Reveal - We want to make a difference through our corporate social responsibility program, details of which will be disclosed later down the road.

    Release of Apex Humanity - Release and open minting for the Apex Humanity NFT collection from Seaside Investment Club featuring unique artworks.

    Phase II Announcement - At this point we will announce more details in regards to our membership tiers along with an update to our project’s documentation.
  • Phase 2

  • Release of Travel2Earn - Phase II starts with the release of our grand real life traveling game. Only the lucky holders of Apex Humanity will have a chance to take part!

    Release of Membership NFTs - At some point we will announce the minting for Silver, Gold and Diamond membership tiers. Membership NFT airdrop to Silver, Gold and Diamond Apex Humanity holders.

    Release of Learn2Earn App - After releasing the Membership NFTs we would like to start sharing our knowledge via our Learn to Earn app.

    Charity voting system announcement - At this point we will draft a mechanism for our members to be able to vote on charity projects they would like us to get involved in.

    Ownership NFT series announcement - Will tell you more about each specific project and it’s perks.

    NFT drops for Members – All throughout Phase II we will host exclusive and unannounced NFT drops for Members of the club.
  • Phase 3

  • New projects and corresponding perks for different membership tiers.

    Release of Ownership series

    More NFT drops.


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