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Scroda a Decentralized Revolution Introducing Next-Generation Blockchain Infrastructures.
Mar, 2019
Apr, 2019
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Scroda is offering unorthodox solutions through patent pending methodologies which directly advances the entirety of blockchain technology from it's current barriers and limitations. Scroda is revolutionizing democracy while continuing it´s focus on efficiencysecurity, and privacy thus giving the Scroda infrastructure a higher integrity level over other currently publicized infrastructures. The use of EEG as a biometric encryption allows Scroda to give power to the people by fusing democracy and blockchain technology together for the realization of world evolution and the freedom of all global citizens. Scroda´s ´Power to the People´ infrastructure is the working concept that has for ever been sought after since the very beginning of democracy (dēmokratia) in 507 B.C.



True, Flawless Privacy

The fusion of homomorphic encryptionzero-proof knowledgesalting & hashingrouting & mixing and symmetric encryptionallows for maximum privacy to be obtained on the Scroda infrastructure.

State-of-the-Art Consensus

Scroda introduces Proof-of-Participation, a consensus mechanism in where nodes are rewarded for partaking in specific task required in upkeeping the Scroda platform.

Next-Generation Identification

Scroda gives birth to an unsurpassable, true identification framework from the use of medically advanced EEG that is accompanied by complex biometric identification. This is a patent-pending solution that was made to advance all world use cases.

How is the Scroda Platform achieving flawless privacy?

Through thousands of hours dedicated to researching and analyzing the standings of current blockchain infrastructures and many failures, Scroda has been able to obtain its goal in evolving the current blockchain concept. The removal of third parties when routing transactions in order to maintain anonimity, requirement of one-time-useaddreses, implementation of a mixing pool in order to merge funds from multiple one-time-use addresses ensures privacy and unlinkability in all transactions performed on the Scroda platform, thus surpassing current barriers in blockchain technology. Through the utilization of the mechanism found in colored coins the Scroda platform is able to categorize addresses into different Tier Levels based on the value stored in each address. Each Tier will implement a Time-Lock mechanism in where a specified time-frame will be set that restricts a address from conducting a transaction upon obtaining funds until its expiry in order to prevent abuse on the network of the Scroda platform.

Technical Info

  A State-of-the-Art Consensus Mechanism

In Scroda we introduce a new consensus mechanism named Proof-of-Participation (PoP) that employs a deterministic (pseudo-random) solution to define the creator of the next block, who will receive a block reward of freshly minted coins. The constructed chance of someone becoming the following block creator depends on their pre-historic participation level on specific tasks that are considered important to the network (i.e. connectivity time as a node, participation level as an issuance and incubator officer, the number of sidechains successfully upholding, etc). As Scroda moves further into becoming a blockchain that is fully selfgoverned by its users, more required tasks will be added in order to uphold the quality and power of the Scroda network.

Scroda Next-Generation True Identification Framework

Scroda's second patent-pending revolutionary feature provides never-before-seen solution for true identification, authentication, and authorization through the use of medicines most advanced findings;EEG, accompanied by complex identifying biometrics. With Scroda ID, and the Scroda patent pending identification method, Scroda is able to birth and introduce a breakthrough in the space for the way in which data, profiles, accounts, and grids can be securely and identifiably accessed, while providing government infrastructure and corporate standings a much sought-after solution for the true identification of personnel and beings of interest. With this, Scroda ID brings forth a new security framework that allows for a spoof and tamper free identification and authentication method which can be implemented and adopted in any standing, infrastructure, or setting, placing Scroda in the forefront of revolutionary blockchain advancement through removing all vulnerabilities in private keys, passphrases, passwords, as well as through creating new real-world possibilities via Scroda's answer to unbeatable true and accurateidentification.


Scroda is dedicated to be the worlds infrastructure. Adiding nations, people, and industriess in realizing a world of freedom and true purpose. With this vision being one of significance, we understand what it will take. This is why Scroda will not only be a infrastructure of one layer, but rather a global infrastructure of many layers, resources and possibilities.

Scroda Citizenship

Scroda Citizenship is the life of each and every Scroda user within the Scroda Network. Scroda ID is the main key that fosters the possibility of a future global revolution and true freedom.

Scroda Decentralized Exchange

With Scroda’s vision being directly tied to global equality and inclusion, we retain the same approach and essence within the blockchain space by providing everyone with the ability to reap the direct benefits of Scroda through the use of Scroda’s Decentralized Exchange (SDE).

Scroda Decentralized Incubator

Scroda’s Decentralized Incubator is fully self-governed thus giving a fair opportunity to anyone and everyone with an exceptional idea to be able to gather a team and gain funding to make their vision reality.


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Christian Liz-Fonts
Suhas Hedge
Jesse Mauck
Jose Munoz Mata
Blockchain Developer
Igor Miquilena
Blockchain Developer
Debesh Choudhury
Biometric Engineer
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