Ryoshi Token

Ryoshi Token

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Community driven token for the people by the people
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  • LBank
    RYOSHI/USDT 4 months ago
    $ 1.2285E-8
    $ 2.381 K
  • ProBit Global
    RYOSHI/USDT 4 months ago
    $ 7.529E-9
    $ 11.81
  • Vindax
    RYOSHI/USDT 5 months ago
    $ 1.0003E-7
    $ 12.37
  • PancakeSwap (v2)
    RYOSHI/WBNB 5 months ago
    $ 6.652E-9
    $ 39.16 K
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About Ryoshi Token



If 2021 taught the crypto world anything, it’s that community-driven meme tokens are in HIGH demand. The PEOPLE want control of their token, and strong communities of HODLers can be built that have each other’s back. 

That’s why RYOSHI has stepped out of the shadows. See, RYOSHI is SHIBA’s older, wiser father. He’s proud of everything his son has accomplished, but is pretty bummed about the fact that so many people missed their chance to get on the moon rocket. 

RYOSHI has created a decentralized, deflationary, community token that is by the people, for the people. RYOSHI solves  the SIGNIFICANT issues of DOGE and SHIBA—while maintaining the same meme community energy that allowed both assets to rise dramatically.


One of the major drawbacks of SHIB, and likely the reason the token has stalled out since its initial rise, is the high transaction fees associated with the Ethereum Blockchain upon which it is built. Being a BEP20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain allows RYOSHI to have TINY transaction fees.


An engaged, voracious community deserves full transparency from the asset they love. That’s why RYOSHI is now, and will continue to be the most transparent meme token on the market. 


DOGE’s biggest problem is that it’s an INFLATIONARY token. Infinite supply. Doge’s community is exceptionally strong, but the foundation upon which it’s built is weak. RYOSHI is a DEFLATIONARY token. 42% of supply is locked in PancakeSwap. 50% of the entire supply was burnt at launch, while 2% of each transaction will be burnt hereafter. The larger the demand, the higher the amount of transactions. The higher the volume of transactions, the lower the supply. This creates a positive feedback loop that will launch RYOSHI into the stratosphere.

An 8% Dev Wallet will be kept for future developments, and community-driven projects.

Ryoshi Token Roadmap

  • Phase 1, Jul - Aug 2021 Completed

  • Ryoshi Token Contract Creation

    Ryoshi Token Website Creation & Branding

    Ryoshi Token ads & TG marketing

    Ryoshi Token Stealth Launch

    Yahoo Finance, Benzinga & Tech Bullion article submission

    1K Holders at launch

    Twitter Influencer promos

    Coinsniper, stocktwits, Coinhunters & Coinvote Ads

    Dextool Trending

    3k Holders

    List on CG

    List on CMC
  • Phase 2, Sep - Oct 2021 Completed

  • 10K Holders

    List on Major exchange

    Billboard & mainstream promotion tactics

    Aggressive marketing on TG & Twitter

    Celebrities & Influencer Shoutouts

    1K Holders at launch

    Weekly AMA’S on appropriate platforms
  • Phase 3, Jan 2021 In Progress

  • Further Develop and expand our Eco system

    List on more Major exchanges, starting with gate.io

    Expand brand awareness and develop use case product

    Develop NFT Collection

    Celebrities & Influencer Shoutouts

    Contract Audit by Techrate
  • Phase 4, Feb 2022

  • Ryoshi Token will adapt accordingly to market incentives and community requirements to further fuel and develop the project in order to go mainstream


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7 607
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Ryoshi Token Last News

$ 4.766E-9
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$ 8.253 K
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