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Rhinos Finance

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Our mission is to make blockchain games more immersive and create legitimacy and permanent value. In addition, we will donate 50% of the profits to support global NGOs that protect wildlife around the world.
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Airdrop: 5% Unlocked.

- Play to earn: 30% - Locked until mainnet

- Community Development: 20% - Locked until mainnet

- Team: 10% - 4 years vesting, 1 year cliff, linear monthly unlock starting from the 2nd year.

- Angle Investment: 10% - 3 years vesting, 1 year cliff, linear monthly unlock starting from the 2nd year

- LPs Pancakeswap : 25% - Unlocked
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About Rhinos Finance

RHINOS FLYLAND is a game built on blockchain that allows players to earn income by breeding, training, battling, and trading digital pets, called RINOs. The more powerful RINOs you own, the more money you will make by selling them on the Marketplace.

RHINOS FLYLAND was initially divided into two tribes - Hunters and Monsters.

The Hunters own RINO warriors with supernatural strength and intelligence (we call them RINOs). On the island, ancient gems were discovered and they are extremely valuable to both tribes. Our loyal RINOs’ mission is to help Hunters fight back those deadly space monsters.

Rescue dozens of one-of-a-kind Rhinos, each with their unique skills! Treat RINOs well and build farms to feed and evolve them into warriors to expand your collection and battle them. The key to victory is obtaining rare species to gain advantages in battle.

Rhinos Finance Roadmap

  • Q2/2021

  • RHINOS FLYLAND Team Formation. $100,000 raised from Angel investors.
  • Q3/2021

  • Launch of the whitepaper. Conduct airdrops and list RHO on Pancakeswap. Community development.
    Finalize the Rhinos Flyland design.
  • Q4/2021

  • Launch of staking, Rhinos Flyland, and Marketplace Beta. Connect Partners and develop our community.
    To be listed on a Top 5 Centralized Exchange.
  • Q1/2022

  • Allows players to participate in Rhinos Flyland Beta for testing as well as import airdrops from the game.
    Experiment with buying and selling items on the Marketplace.
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  • Q2/2022

  • Rhinos Flyland officially released the PC version.
  • Q3/2022

  • Rhinos Flyland officially released the Mobile version. Contact NGOs and plan the implementation of funding


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Rhinos Finance Team

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Aaron William
CEO - Founder
Brendan Gardiner
Hrithik Roshan
Souta Kobayashi
Game Designers


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Shigeaki Takahashi

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