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Refugees Token is a unique cryptocurrency that aims to provide emergency and long-run assistance to refugees by using blockchain technology. It is a unique token that makes charitable initiatives for its investors when they buy or trade the token on the markets.10% of the total supply goes out to help refugees. 5% of the transaction money is credited for charitable activities. The token is deflationary in nature in the sense that it awards tokens for just holding the cryptocurrency. This also ensures token stability because, with every purchase, the supply of tokens burns automatically. One can avoid the 10% tax and contribute towards charity by simply joining their whitelist. The whitelisted investor also automatically signs up for their rewards and prizes. The token has shown 10 times growth in investment for the early investors. In a span of 5 months, Refugees Token has locked in over 1200 holders. There is a 10% transaction tax associated with the exchange. 5% of the fees are put in 12-month locked liquidity. The remaining 5% of the transaction tax is set aside for charity. We are recently launched our own NFTs on We have brought 3D models namely, RFG Metaverse Hero, Elon Musk Metaverse Hero, and CZ Metaverse Hero.Τhe quick rise of RFG also brought the listing in Math-Wallet. This wallet is being referred from Binance as one of the best crypto wallets on Binance Smart Chain.Αfter all this came our introduction to Blockfolio(FTX).Without even showing our price, something their developers are working on to prepare for us.Οf course we have entered on another applications or even wallets like Ellipal_Wallet,Peachfolio...For all that we tell you I will send you the appropriate photos or even links to check them!Apart from the clarity on the amount of funds going in directly for charity, the cryptocurrency has also ensured that they have a social media presence for their charitable activities.One such donation was made to a 30-year-old Greek council for Refugees. Going forward, they also plan to increase their charitable partnerships.Our last big success was our entry into a large exchange like Azbit.We are in the final phase of testing on the e-wallet we are preparing and as soon as it comes out we will start working for the charity platform we dream of preparing where all donations to socially vulnerable groups will be made through our cryptocurrencies.
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Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
public sale 35%
team 5%
charity 10%
marketing 5%
burn 40%
privat sale 5%
Accepted Currencies
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About Refugees Token


Refugees Token is a unique cryptocurrency that allows investors to take an
active role in saving refugee’s lives. A total of 79.5 million people around the
world have been forced to flee their homes. Among them are nearly 26
million refugees, around half of whom are under the age of 18. That’s why we
founded Refugees Token. We know that very few of us are able to just decide
to travel to where volunteers are needed most, but what we can all do is
intentionally choose to support projects and companies that make the world
a better place. At Refugees Token, we don’t just say that’s our
top priority, we prove it. Considering the value of our Token we will start
selling 10% of our total supply in a public sale and all of the earnings will go
to Organizations that we are cooperating with. Cryptocurrencies are changing
the game for humanitarian efforts with their versatility and accessibility, and
RFG plans to be at the forefront of this innovation. We crafted a token that
rewards holders for supporting charities with an automatic 5% redistribution
on each transaction and put it on the BSC network, so even your spare
change can change refugees life.


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