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This paper provides an architectural overview of the first release of the Real Coin token that published by the G & S ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD Company (as defined below) for informational purposes only and is not a binding legal agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, this Whitepaper will expressly specify which statements are given by the G & S ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD Company which statements are given, In any case neither the G & S ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD Company shall be responsible for any statement given by another Partner. we guide the reader to the accompanying token dynamics paper. The purchase and supply of Real Coin Tokens shall be governed by written terms and conditions, The information described in this paper is preliminary and subject to change at any time. Furthermore, this paper may contain “forward-looking statements.
3 month
Nov 16, 2020
Feb 16, 2021
19% completed
0% goal completed
Goal 3 700 000 000.00 USD
Cap 3 710 000 000.00 USD
  • 1 REAL
    37 USD
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
Stake reward 15%
• Mine as work reward 25%
• Private Sale 12%
• public Sale 10%
• seed sale 0.5
• UN & Charity 10%
• Founder 15%
• Team 7%
• strategic partner 5.5%
Accepted Currencies
Min Contribution
Company Details
Registered Company Name
Registered Country
South Africa
Company Founded
Jul 15, 2015
Bonus Structure
$50,000 and more 1%
$100,000 and more 2%
$400,000 and more 4%
$500,000 and more 6%
$600,000 and more 10%
Additional Details

About Real Coin

REAL Team Abstract of a team with 18 years of experience in the field of banking switches. Finance .Marketing. Petroleum derivatives.
Moreover, they have come together to create a currency that will transform the future of payments. It is the world's first pay-per-view currency that, in addition to offering Proof Of Work and Proof Of Stake, and the team's achievements are not limited to this. The REAL
team has intelligently produced the first generation of global payment cards based on the blockchain ,which is offered under the top eight licenses of the BlockChains Community, So It means The Real Coin Community Blurring the border between the world of CryptoCurrency and the world of Fiat Payment currency, and this is not the END!

With your smart BlockChain-Based wallet, which is in the form of a simple bank card, you can buy and pay around the world, and It’s means touching the real world through the BlockChain.

Every day, we see countless economic competitions on the some countries in theworld, such as: China and the United States and etc.

Which fluctuate the currencies of those countries strangely, and your assets in country X may be half of the other countries, but when you have money or currency, that is also in terms of value support. Technical and trading has the best performance and you can use it globally in all countries of the world for your purchases and payments.

Not only having your money and also not decrease in value, but our investors who are the buyers will receive a profit. Moreover , maybe you have a question that a team with this volume has lost and the ability to be profitable, why should it come to create a currency with these characteristics? Your answer is a dream: a dream to destroy the mental and physical boundaries that we have for ourselves. Also We created several training programs on Android operating systems, Java and IOS that supporting the most basic level of education up to PhD, which is supported by reputable virtual universities and its scientific value is confirmed.

Documents communicated to individuals have international value and can be used in all parts of the world;
The reason for this is that by promoting science and knowledge in society, people will make technology easier to live in their lives, and they will more easily remove the mental barrier they created for themselves and create a life with technology that is healthier, safer and faster than before.

Technical Info

The Real payment system is built on the Blockchain. Because it is intended to address a global audience, the software that implements the Blockchain is open source — designed so that anyone can build on it, and billions of people can depend on it for their financial needs. Imagine an open, interoperable payment system that developers and organizations build to help people and businesses hold and transfer Real Coins for
everyday use.

With the proliferation of smartphones and wireless data, more people are coming online and will be able to access the Real payment system.
The Real payment system will support single-currency stable coins (e.g., USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) and a multi-currency coin (REAL), which we refer to together as Real Coins. Real Coins will need to be accepted in many places and easy to access for those who want to use them. People need to have confidence that they can use Real Coins and that their value will remain relatively stable over time. To accomplish this, each
single-currency stable coin will be backed 1:1 by the Reserve, which will consist of cash or cash equivalents and very short-term government securities denominated in the relevant currency. Each REAL, being a composite of 1:1-backed single-currency stable coins supported by the REAL network, inherits the backing and stability of those stable coins. The REAL Reserve will be administered to preserve the value of Real
Coins over time.

Real Coin Roadmap

  • 4 month ago

  • o General preparation
    o Market research
    o White paper
    o Website
  • 3 month

  • o Lead generation
    o Social audience building
    o First blog posts
    o Start of influencer marketing
  • 2 month

  • o Lead generation contest
    o Weekly emails
    o Blog posts every two weeks
    o Bounty programs
    o Social audience building
  • 1 month

  • o Daily emails
    o Weekly blog posts
    o Pre-ICO press release
    o Main advertising
    o Re-targeting campaigns
  • Read More
  • Now

    o Results audit
    o Results press release
    o Post-ICO communications
  • Future

    o ICO launch press release
    o ICO news items


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Real Coin Team

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CEO Of Company
Founder and Leadership
Jenifer Brown
Personal data protection expert
Rayman Karen
Mathematical Modeling Team Leader
Mike Perry
Software & Blockchain architect

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