Ramit Health Token

Ramit Health Token

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It is merely an extension of our service-oriented backgrounds to provide real use case in a desperately needed multi-trillion dollar healthcare arena.
Sep 1, 2022
Sep 30, 2022
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About Ramit Health Token

The adoption of blockchain-based platforms is still lagging in the healthcare industry, despite the fact that an increasing number of business sectors have begun utilizing this technology. Decentralization, immutability, openness and traceability are some of the blockchain's qualities that are said to improve healthcare data management, according to prior studies. However, the healthcare ecosystem has seen the official launch of only a few blockchain projects. Many ideas are still in the research and examination stages. To meet the need, we have created ‘‘RMH Utility Token’’ Utility Token. Our research looks at the dynamic characteristics of the RMH Utility Token which is run by a DAO.

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and quality of life all while being HIPAA compliant.

Our objective is to put this token to work on behalf of patients, hospitals and clinics to make things cheaper, faster and more efficient thus allowing for overall improvement in our present system while being HIPAA compliant.

About RMH Utility Token:
RMH is a utility-based cryptocurrency with a dynamic ecosystem run by a DAO. In terms of the holder and or patient care, it is our mission to be the best in the health and wellness industries. We are aware the medical field is constantly evolving, and there is a tremendous need for qualified professionals.

Ramit Health Token Roadmap

  • PHASE 1 Q3 2022

  • Website creation

    Whitepaper and Legal Opinion

    Social media and marketing created

    Smart contract launch

    Proprietary utility development apps for healthcare and all patient groups
    especially those diagnosed with Cancer-HIPAA compliant.

    Health and Wellness Podcasts

    Healthcare Decentralized Apps Web3 website access for RMH
    Utility Token holders and patients HIPAA compliant.
  • PHASE 2 Q4 2022

  • CURES ACT integration apps for healthcare facilities.

    Contracts with healthcare and wellness providers for upgrades to their current healthcare systems through blockchain, AI, metaverse as well as other technology-based applications.

    MediSwap Platform DEX Platform with built in KYC and Exchange fee remibursement.

    NFT Platform Utilization for the acquisition and or sale of NonFungible-Tokens.

    Dao Community Contest for giveaways to RMH Utility
    Token Holders

    Grants awarded for healthcare, wellness, and community projects.
  • PHASE 3 Q1 2023

  • Metaverse Integration for Land for future use as healthcare,wellness, and telemedicine centers.

    RMH Utility Token DAO community voting on Burns for the RMH Utility Token supply.

    Additional contracts with multi-country healthcare and wellness centers for use of our RMH Utility Token technology applications and platforms.

    Updated Road Map

    Access to Dr. Snodgrass M.D., F.A.C.S., clinically-proven Protein Snack for patients, medical and wellness facilities where available.


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