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There is a Quick ICO stand before the decentralized technology revolution. We operate a state-of-the-art digital mining platform designed for customers seeking to operate with high-speed hashing, reliable infrastructure, industry-leading chipsets at low kilowatt per hour in the industry It is.
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Aug 1, 2018
Aug 30, 2018
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Energy consumption has been a major concern for the blockchain community not only due to the environmental impact of the very energy intensive mining process but also the long term economic sustainability. The current consensus is that while some coins may still be profitably mined from home, mining has already been moving toward large mining pools that gain from economies of scale and industrial
technologies and management. Qpawn Corporation (“QPC”) is a cryptocurrency mining operation built and managed by a team of data center industry experts and professionals. By combining recent technological breakthroughs in cooling, energy recycling system and wholesale electricity prices. QPC will be able to build an efficient and sustainable mining operation with low carbon footprint. What’s more, the technology is simple, controllable and scalable. QPC is currently negotiating on longterm power purchase contract directly from established power plant and expects to lower our cost of electricity by up to 75% compared to the U.S. national average. A secure location
within close proximity of the power plant ensures stable power supply and maximize uptime. Additionally, further cost savings by utilizing purpose built two-phaseimmersion cooling technology, which has a well-established history of other industrial application, is estimated to
reduce energy use by up to 95% through  the use of nonflammable, none ozonedepleting and low global warming engineered fluid.QPC intends to mine all cryptocurrencies with a focus on Bitcoin through custom optimization software which chooses the best mining options available at any moment. QPC is also flexible about the mining pools it uses, depending on the payouts and liquidity among other factors.


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