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The First Quantum Based BlockChain
Be part of the fight for the future of cryptocurrencies – we are developing a Quantum algorithm based Defi BlockChain with anonymous transactions
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About Quattrotech

Our team is working on the revolutionary Qblock tech that’s going to let cryptocurrencies fight back against the rise of quantum computing hackers.


Facing the Coming Threat


Blockchain tech is one of the most secure out there by today’s standards. With private and public key encryption, anyone using crypto knows they can carry out transactions securely. This secure encryption lets private key holders prove it’s really them for each transaction.

You’re the only one with access to your private key. That means anyone out there can make sure your transactions are really coming from you. Hackers are coming close to cracking this encryption with quantum computing, and that will mean the end of cryptocurrencies as we know them.

It would take eons for any brute-force attack to crack private key encryption. When it was first created, blockchain tech was practically unbreakable. The first quantum computers are now coming online and rapidly approaching the threshold to break private key encryption.

Quantum computing is like regular computing, but it has qubits instead of bits. These quantum bits bring quantum complexity into the picture with superposition and interference. The simple version is that these computers can make more than one guess at a time. The only reason crypto encryption is unbreakable is that it would take too many guesses, but that’s all about to change.

Experts say that quantum computers could breakthrough by 2022. After that, hacking and draining individual crypto wallets will be a matter of seconds. This isn’t just a few thefts. It’s going to shatter cryptocurrency. When people can’t trust the security, every cryptocurrency out there will plummet to zero.


Qblock Fights Back

Qblock is bringing something genuinely new to the table. It’s going to be the foundation of cryptocurrency for the future. We’re building an unbreakable cryptocurrency that can’t be cracked by quantum computing. And to do that, we are going to use quantum algorithms too.

Qblock bases on a qubit algorithm encryption. Each block is written in superposition locations. Quantum effects bring superposition and interference into play, meaning each block can be in both, either, or neither location.

This complexity can’t be cracked by quantum computing attacks. Qblock will establish a new paradigm in encryption and blockchain technology.

Qblock levels the playing field for cryptocurrencies against quantum computing attacks. We aren’t going to see the fall of cryptocurrency. We’re just seeing the start of a new age. This tech is the only way we can fight back against quantum computing, but it’s also going to increase speed, efficiency, and privacy.

We’re releasing our own Qblock cryptocurrency, but that’s far from all. We’re establishing a versatile framework and platform for future cryptocurrencies, letting the vibrant landscape we know today survive into the future.


Become a Qblock Early Adopter

We’re set to launch in 2022, but you don’t have to wait. You can get in on the ground floor by investing in our token. We’re four years into development, and people everywhere are starting to realize what Qblock can and will do for the future of cryptocurrency. You can stake your claim by investing in tokens that are swappable for Qblock at release.

You can do whatever you want with the tokens. In the meantime, they’re fully exchangeable. Invest, buy, sell, or simply wait for Qblock’s release to swap. Word is starting to spread about what we’re doing, so this could be your last chance to become an early adopter. Don’t let your part in the cryptocurrency revolution fall away. Invest in our token today.




Qblock is secure and private, letting you enjoy the highest levels of anonymity when trading


Transactions are faster than ever before with Qblock’s revolutionary framework


Quantum hacking attempts can’t touch Qblock’s quantum encryption


Transaction fees will hit all times low with the unbeatable efficiency of Qblock


Every attempt to crack Qblock will fall short, crashing against quantum security


Our decentralized ecosystem will includes an integrated staking platform so holders can maximize profits


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