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Quantor ICO

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QUANTOR (Quant Accelerator) - an educational platform and market for quantitative funding - helps expand your knowledge, skills and investment.
Sep 1, 2018
Nov 30, 2018
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May 14, 2018
Aug 1, 2018
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About Quantor ICO

The Quantor project, which effectively uses the professional background of the team and experts, as well as modern methods of training and blockchain technologies, provides participants in the decentralized and classical economy with advantages of quantitative methods in asset management and blockchain. Quantor plans to develop the ecosystem of talented algorithmic traders and asset managers, using numerical methods and computer technologies - «quants» and investors. As a rule, it is difficult for an ordinary person to understand clearly the variety of investment opportunities. To find the investment managers and advisors become is a more attractive way for retail investors because of the lack of knowledge, experience and free time. At the same time, two factors are critically important for successful investment: reliability and professionalism of the managers. There are many cases when investors lost significant funds because of dishonesty or lack of professionalism of managers. Now, for the successful investment, it became especially important to be able to apply the latest computer technologies, including large data analysis, machine learning, direct access to exchanges, and systematic methods in investing. Quantor strives to bring the advantages of numerical methods of asset management in the decentralized and classical economy through the development of the ecosystem of talented developers of quantitative investment strategies using latest computer technologies. The main goal of Quantor is to make modern investment technologies available to a wide range of investors. The platform increases the availability of innovative technologies, using online training courses and cutting costs by replacing offline intermediaries with software solutions. Computer technologies create an additional factor of reliability and efficiency of investments by minimizing the risks of the human factor in making investment decisions. The Quantor platform will combine the educational online platform and a marketplace of investment algorithms for cryptocurrency and fiat markets. Quantor will offer its services to a wide range of investors working with various financial assets. Quantor’s capabilities will be applicable to both traditional financial instruments and cryptocurrencies. The platform will be developed in cooperation with brokerage and management companies, as well as exchanges, which will allow their needs to be taken into account, and in the future - Quantor services to be offered to their audience.

Quantor ICO Roadmap

  • 2016 January

  • Formed the first version of the training program from a set of open courses
  • 2016 April

  • Launch of the beta version of Quantor website
  • 2016 August

  • Quantor team was extended by experts from the US, UK, Russia
  • 2016 September

  • Quantor became the finalist of the EdCrunch 2016 Pitch Competition
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  • 2016 October

  • A participant of the First International Conference of Sberbank Corporate University
  • 2017 April

  • A participant of the pre-accelerated program of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund
  • 2017 July

  • Concept development of converging blockchain technology with algorithmic trading
  • Q1 - Q2, 2018

  • Issuing platform tokens
  • Q2, 2018

  • Applying for a license in the selected jurisdiction
  • Q3, 2018

  • Creating a platform demo version
  • Q4, 2018

  • Debugging and setting up the platform during the demo version work
  • Q1, 2019

  • The first contest of developing trading algorithms among quants
  • Q1 - Q2, 2019

  • Launch of the first working version of the platform
  • Q1 - Q2, 2019

  • Launch of the first working version of the platform
  • Q2 - Q3, 2019

  • Start collecting statistics and data of the first trading algorithms on live trading accounts
  • Q2 - Q3, 2019

  • Launch the marketplace of trading algorithms
  • Q3, 2019

  • First investments in trading algorithms on marketplace
  • Q3 - Q4, 2019

  • Implementing the function of forming portfolios of algorithms
  • Q4, 2019

  • Applying for licenses in the US and other jurisdictions as required
  • Q4, 2019

  • Quantor crypto fund formation
  • Q1 - Q2, 2020

  • Creating a bridge between the investor's fiat capital and the platform


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Quantor ICO Team

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Serge Bolshakov
Vladislav Buchnev
Co Founder

Quantor ICO Interviews

Serge Bolshakov
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I'm co-founder of Quantor. This is great idea as Quantor (“Quant accelerator”) is one of the most revolutionary projects that can change the investment industry, making it transparent and convenient. Quantor will unite the talented developers of investment algorithms ("quants"), acting as an accelerator that helps new and experienced "quants" from different countries to develop algorithms by providing services such as online courses, training, and financial support.
The platform will become a marketplace of trading algorithms, and, whether you have full understanding in the field of quantitative investing or not, you can use these innovative methods. Join us and let's make it together!
Vladislav Buchnev
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
We have many successful examples of how cooperation people with different expertise allows to create something new. The great example is Bell Laboratory - probably the most innovative company in 20th century. In Quantor, we believe that crating an ecosystem of developers of trading algorithms have all chances to provide effective automated solutions for managing crypto assets in decentralized economy.
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