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QAcoin is a cryptocurrency developed based on the theme to preserve wisdom from all over the world into a blockchain. Its purpose is to match questioners with suitable responders.
Exchanges through Q&A platform that we plan to develop will semi-permanently be saved into a blockchain. These exchanges will be accumulated as truth that nobody can distort.
We will try to achieve this ultimate goal to preserve human wisdom through our QAcoin project. This project will progress through our core communication tools: questions and answers.
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About QAcoin

We will try to expand areas using QAcoin and to increase its value with transactions, such as rewards, tips, and donations through the Q&A platform.
Users of cryptocurrency communities that have developed earlier than QAcoin such as Discord and Twitter have rapidly increased and these communities becomes stronger and more advanced.
In the current cryptocurrency market, it is common that developers hold high percentage of their currencies. Risks of currency collapse caused by their disposal make investors concerned. 
To avoid such risks, our developers will hold only 7% of QAcoin for its operation. Therefore, the fluctuation of QAcoin exchange rate will be minimized. We will try to achieve its clear operation. 
Startup is used for expenses for PR activities towards various media, including websites, billboard, magazines, TV, and commercials, after our service launch, scheduled in January, 2019.
Others is used not only when distributing QAcoin by using Airdrop before getting listed on cryptocurrency exchanges but also when offering a very small amount of QAcoin to new users who register for our Q&A platform. This will assist to increase users of our Q&A platform. We will distribute a small amount of QAcoin so that it won’t affect the fluctuation of QAcoin exchange rate.


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Keiji Horie
Yosuke Sakumoto
Teruyuki Yamanouchi
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Takuya Egawa
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