Pyramidion Cryptocurrency

Pyramidion Cryptocurrency

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Created using Figma
Pyramidion is a non security, non MSB, non convertible digital means of barter utilizing blockchain technology. It is a globally indexed Ethereum token for everyday use between peers. A unique token in a field of thousands of projects.
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About Pyramidion Cryptocurrency

A pyramidion is the highest block or peak of a structure. PYRA's namesake describes the concept of the barter credit methodology and the number of blocks in its construction.  PYRA is nicknamed “The Advocate Coin” due to the personality type of the concept's visionary, and the nature of the token itself.  PYRA is non-sovereign and represents a global economy and is envisioned to be the chosen asset for Mars at colonization via interconnected and Starlinked' Ethereum blockchains.  PYRA is an ERC20 standard token with a .01% SCIF (Smart Contract Interaction Fee) in PYRA.  PYRA has a total supply and is not pegged to any single currency, technology, asset, real estate, resource, or state.  PYRA is a Utility token that captures equity/value from the exchange of goods or services where fiat or cash is usually not involved (supported use case).  It is digital means of barter utilizing blockchain technology and a process to collateralize tokens by individuals - true public DeFi.  PYRA's Barter Credit is derived and reaches a consensus from the totality of the cryptocurrency/digital asset market.  The concept came to mind in October of 2017 and would not have been viable without the explosion of digital asset creation.  Please read the Barter Credit methodology section for a detailed explanation.  Like a pyramid, it takes many years and a lot of builders to reach the construction phase of placing the Pyramidion.


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