Project Plutus

Project Plutus

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Project Plutus is a disruptive “Tokenized Property Ownership” platform built on blockchain technology.
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About Project Plutus

Project Plutus will have main token with PLU as token symbol. PLU is a crypto asset that refers to real-world properties value such as houses, buildings, arts, etc. located around the globe. Project Plutus is the new innovation in property industry which designed to highly benefit long-term investors/ token holders and hopefully will be a disruptive aspect in this field. PLU token will be used to buy all kind of properties either full ownership or in fractional basis also PLU token holders will have a chance to get a portion of platform revenue sharing depend on the properties they choose to claim.



Hold & Earn

Simply by holding $PLU as a shareholder no matter how many token it is, get a pro-rata based platform revenue sharing on monthly basis.

Real-World Based Asset

Properties listing on our platform will be based on real-world physical assets which tokenized as crypto assets.

NFT as Ownership Proof

Investors that decided to claim/buy either full or fractional ownership of properties will get an NFT as ownership proof of their owned properties.


Accessible on multi-chain to reach larger audiences, easier for both $PLU token and properties NFT investors/holders to move their asset/s across chains.

Ownership Transfer

Unlike a traditional property business, properties owners can easily transfer ownership without the need to deal with KYC.

Privacy Protection

$PLU investors/holders can buy properties without having to reveal their identity (no KYC required) as long as the owner not willing to claim the physical asset/s.


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