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About Project Gladiatus

Project Gladiatus is a metaverse turn card-based game inspired from the old Roman Empire, where gladiators fighting was extremely popular.

Anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can battle, collect resources, train gladiators, and build a land-based kingdom, all this while wearing the role of a "Dominus".

Players can invest in NFT-lands where they can build their own "Ludus" (gladiator school) to train and raise their own gladiators and throw them into the arena to fight or sell them on market. While Project Gladiatus can be an extremely fun game to play, if you choose to expand in the universe of the game, it can bring extremely financial rewards.

It is rated as a play to earn game! Meaning that the game economy will have interoperability FIAT. The key of our project is a very well-built economical design, where players are rewarded through meritocracy for their contributions to our ecosystem, starting with a total supply 100.000.000 GLD.

PG is being built as a fun and educational way to introduce the world of the past to current and future generations, in the most vivid way possible through the metaverse.

Most metaverses are built with a future vision, yet PG is one of the few projects that wants to bring to life an important part of history. Maybe gruesome to some, appealing to others, exhilarating fighting scenes and gameplay to many.

PG wants to use the blockchain technology to bring people a reliving experience from the days of glory from the gladiators’ era.

Welcome to the arena!


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