What is common between crypto, seaside and a yacht?


The crypto revolution is here to stay. Now is the time to plant the seeds of success for the generations of entrepreneurs to come. This is why CyberPeople decided to create a second even more extraordinary event. Hundreds of people who believe in the crypto technology and who envision the future through the same lenses are gathered together to share experience, exchange ideas and gain access to valuable information, new contacts and last but not least to have fun.

"We are CyberPeople, the largest active community in Bulgaria for crypto finance and blockchain services." - says Ivan Draganov, founder of CyberPeople. - "We discuss and educate people about crypto assets, that could be of their interest or could be higher risk but also with bigger potential for returns." - shares Ivan.

CyberPeople was founded in 2020 and since then they have been helping a growing number of beginner investors to apprehend more about the crypto world and investments, to analyze and evaluate the potential of competing crypto assets. CyberPeople’s dedication is expanding as a result of the ambitions of their young team, to culminate in the organization of the first ever crypto event on a ship in Bulgaria - Kibernatsia Yacht Club. The opening of the event, i.e. the first part, is taking place in Glamour - Beach House in the renowned resort named Saint Vlas on the Bulgarian seashore. In Glamour visitors are going to listen to inspiring lectures by successful people in the industry, as well as enjoy performances by famous musicians. In the spirit of entrepreneurship, Cyberpeople are going to give a shout out to three Bulgarian startup companies accelerating their way to the realization of these startups’ crypto products.

 Everybody who joins the event will be given insights into Bitcoin, NFT, WEB 3.0., artificial intelligence and how it is going to transform the world of blockchain forever, Smart Contracts and which fundamentals make for a successful cryptocurrency. We are going to dig deeper into the creation of an investment portfolio, the buying and storage of crypto assets, as well as the evaluation of risk at the different stages of the process. You will have the opportunity to meet the founders of successful NFT projects, who will share know-how and best practices. Finally, CyberPeople will give away prizes to the lucky ones of the night.

The second half of the event in the later hours of the evening is taking place on the Tattoo ship where the party is going to be another level and a 4-digit giveaway is going to find its new owner. The other lucky people of the night will leave with a voucher for a trip and more surprises.

The other goals of CyberPeople for the night include but are not limited to discussions of the recent events in the crypto space for the last few months, getting to know each other better through interactive challenges whilst enjoying fresh drinks and delicious food.

"We chose the best location for the season, the marina of Saint Vlas in order to make sure this is going to be an unforgettable evening in a rallying atmosphere"- says Ivan excitedly.

Join us at the CyberNation’ s YachtClub event on August 27th 2022 (Saturday) at Marina Dinevi port in Saint Vlas. Opening in GLAMOUR - Beach House at 5 p.m.; continuing at TATTOO PARTY BOAT at 9 p.m.; followed by a Surprise: TBA. Tickets can be found HERE

The first event by CyberPeople in EXE CLUB in Sofia in May 2022 gathered together more than 300 people, some of whom got giveaways worth BGN 7500 that were kindly sponsored by NEXO, Altcoins.BG, CRYPTOBORSI, EVEDO, xChange.bg, vEMPIRE and other renowned crypto companies from Bulgaria. The occasion was supported by successful people in the industry, directors, influencers, investors and entrepreneurs. The same event marked the streaming of the first ever livestream on Youtube which reached more than 1200 watchers on that evening.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon-  Kibernatsia Yacht Club