Top Investors and Startups to Network and Dine at Pitcher Perfect, Singapore


As Vitalik Buterin rightly mentioned, “conferences are valuable IMO. Their main function isn't information, it's to create an opportunity for people interested in the same topic from all around the world fly in and see each other.”

Yet, the community often runs after objectives that are not as valuable as connections and interactions. Such a transition from the conventional events to the ones that are more open, liberal, and engaging can only happen when the organizers offer the same. People will leverage what’s offered to them. 

Understanding this need, the United Conference of Internet Money (UCIM) is hosting Pitcher Perfect, a platform that will break the existing norms of events. It’s emerging as a bridge between brilliant ideas and groundbreaking products by empowering the two ends of the crypto community to meet, dine, and network together. 

Some of the most promising projects and investors will fly to Singapore on 15th February to be a part of Pitcher Perfect, because as they say- the best pitches are often created over pitchers. The projects expect to meet investors and benefit from their experience, expertise, and knowledge about the industry as well as business management. 

“You know there are so many projects out there that are backed by ingenious ideas and a perfectly committed team of performers, but they fall short of funds or the right advice at the right time,” shared Bimlesh Anand, Project Manager at Pitcher Perfect. “We just want to be the platform that allows such potential projects to soar as high as they deserve,” he further added. 

It is after delivering a successful edition of UCIM Singapore in November 2018 that the team is now focussing on refining the investment space. To leverage the same, projects and ICOs will get a chance to share their pitches, be a part of exclusive investor roundtables, and dine with key ecosystem stakeholders to network. 

To know more about Pitcher Perfect, you can visit their website or register here.

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