BlockCrypto is here to stay. The biggest cryptoeconomy and blockchain event in Brazil has gathered over 800 people, 16 exhibitors and sponsors, 30h of content and 50 speakers. The conference was a  major success and has received overwhelmly positive reviews.

In 2019, Blockcrypto Expo will be even bigger and more relevant to the market. The event will be held on the 16th and 17th of July at the Fecomercio de Eventos Center in São Paulo and more than 50 speakers from Brazil and abroad will participate in workshops , hackathons , live stream, mentorships, live trading, networking activities, 30 exhibitors and sponsors from Brazil and abroad,  inumerous press channels and media partners,  lounge areas, business matchmaking , happy hour, entertainment e much more! 

In this edition, we will approach many subjects such as blockchain tecnology, governance, ETF, bitcoin, ethereum, the future of ICOs, STOs, altcoins, cripto economy, investments, trading, laws and regulations, mining, OTC and more.

Some well known names in the national and international scene have already been confirmed such as Rodrigo Cohen – Crypto Engineer & Trader; Gustavo Machado Gonzalez - Comissão de Valores Mobiliários Diretor ; Helena Margarido – lawyer, SuM Law partner and cripto enthusiast; Fernando Mauro Barrueco - lawyer   and BOMESP founder; Solange Gueiros – blockchain developer, teacher and speaker; Richard Rytenband – CEO at Holding Timos and Convex Research; Eduardo Guimarães - lawyer at Miguel Lins Advogados Associados; Stan Larimer – Bitshares  and Cryptonomex CEO e Michael Taggart – Quintric Director.

The event will be very dinamic, with space for interaction between the speaker and the public during a presentation, not to mention the practical workshops, meaning there will be plenty of moments for questions/answers and chances to learn about the most important and recent blockchain related subjects in depth. 

Join the most visionary leaders, economy pioneers, investors, enterpreuneurs and enthusiasts from Brazil and the world in discussing the future of the new financial and technological era in the second edition of Blockcrypto. 

BlockCrypto Expo
16h and 17h of July 2019
Location: Centro Fecomercio de Eventos - R. Dr. Plínio Barreto, 285 - Bela Vista, São Paulo - SP
Social Media: @blockcryptobr    (Instagram /  facebook / Linkedin / twitter / Youtube)

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