Optimising the Back Office Function in Energy and Commodity Trading

February 28, 2019 BACK TO PRESS RELEASES

RPA is not something that has been widely implemented across energy and commodity trading firms, but is becoming a large talking point, as the industry has already started to acknowledge the opportunities it presents. The Optimising the Back Office Function in Energy and Commodity Trading conference will be held May 20-22, 2019 in Berlin, Germany and will provide key strategic insights from leading figures across Europe on how to increase efficiency of back office operations in energy and commodity trading using RPA and DLT. 

Attend this event and discover how RPA is best used in the back office of commodity and energy trading firms to achieve operational excellence and gain feedback from commodity and energy trading firms on the usefulness of DLT in the back office from Endesa, Enel Global Trading, Uniper Global Commodities, Repsol Power and Gas and Electroroute and many more. Attend cutting-edge conference sessions, obtain access to unique expertise and take away new solutions to your day-to-day business challenges. Offering the comprehensive content of a dynamic program and the comfort of a luxurious venue, marcus evans conferences encourage industry thought leaders to learn from each others’ experiences and explore key solutions in the market.

Modern business leaders rely on our annual conferences to discover solutions, share expertise and develop professionally. Our delegates can benefit of extensive networking opportunities, network face to face with the world’s top executives, discuss and debate strategies with your peers and most knowledgeable experts in their field, and rapidly build a network of new business relationships

To find out more please visit the event website: http://bit.ly/2XpWUbv
For registration fees, please send an email to [email protected]

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