InfinitVerse Dubai 2021


InfinitVerse, a Metaverse of events in making, held its latest event in Dubai which was one of the most ambitious and wide-ranging conferences yet in support of the Blockon Capital. The event was spread over two days of keynote talks, panel discussions, and in-person and online networking, allowing participants to learn more about trending and evolving technologies and ground-breaking projects, and to exchange ideas about what’s ahead of NFTs, DeFi, and altcoin.

The audience at InfinitVerse Dubai 2021 witnessed the portal to the crypto realm on December 12 & 13. This premier Blockchain Conference brought together investors, start-up entrepreneurs, digital currency funds, family offices, and top entrepreneurs from the blockchain cryptocurrency spheres. The numbers and knowledge game continued with 25+ speakers, more than 20 sessions with Founders, Influencers, Policy Makers, Established Opinion Leaders, C-level executives, and 110+ buzzing attendees of the leading blockchain and crypto companies were united to share their views on the global market. The participation of officials of big business houses signaled increasing adoption and synergy with blockchain technology.

This hybrid conference was aimed to throw light on the trending topics of recent times like DeFi, Web3.0, NFTs, Trading the new age assets, and how these emerging technologies are paving the way to a new Decentralized World Order.

Day 1 of the event began with a welcome note followed by a keynote session of Firdosh Sheikh. The event advanced with three keynote speakers, namely, Girish Bajaj, Chief Strategist, GB Metamatrix; Daniele Bernardi, CEO at Diaman Partners Ltd, and Jaguar A Gal, CEO at JAGuar Lawyers addressing the audience. The point of discussion majorly was areas to invest in, areas to avoid, hedging in tough times, NFTs, Finance 2.0, rebuilding the Internet with Blockchain Protocols, and Seed-stage blockchain venture capital. Next came one of the most awaited sessions of Karthik Iyer and Shaik Hamdan as they appeared for a fireside chat on “The Increased Adoption of Cryptocurrencies by Mainstream Institutional Investors''.

Like Day 1, Day 2 was also full of excitement with a series of keynote sessions and fireside chat. Yael Tamar, Co-founder of SolidBlock started the day with her remarkable keynote speech on “Tokenization As A Bridge To New Finance - In Cefi And Defi ''. The main focus of the day was on the keynote delivered by Mr. Sergey Sevantsyan, CEO of MediaCoin - the title sponsor of the InfinitVerse Dubai 2021. As Mr. Sergey finishes his session on Decentralized Television - how the media became the people's media”, the entire hall gave him a big round of applause for demonstrating the excellent potential of MediaCoin.

While adhering to the COVID-19 led protocols, the produced conference was lively and vibrant with informative content that was affirmed by the remarkable numbers of attendees and speakers.

This conference was a vivid reflection of the growing ecosystem in which entrepreneurs, developers, and established businesses are developing for the future, taking advantage of blockchain-enabled technologies and their unique capabilities for fast, inexpensive, and immutable data exchange.

The confidence of the conference organizers in their mission and message was demonstrated during the event as they invite some of the well-known speakers and entrepreneurs to the conference.

The two days made a lot of bangs on social media, leaving behind impactful impressions. The overwhelming response on social media was a true indicator that the audience thoroughly enjoyed the participation and was already looking to know about our next event!

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