Highlights of Wire Summit 2018


The summit witnessed an exchange of innovative and interesting ideas from renowned personalities and scholars in the blockchain community. The key Highlights from the event includes:

J.A.Chowdhury, the special chief secretary and IT advisor to the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, talked about the role of government in bringing blockchain in the mainstream.JA Chowdary arises a question how can we protect the digital assets and focus on a Blockchain and Digital India.

Dr. Dhiren Patel, Director, Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai discussed Blockchain beyond Cryptocurrencies. He said, Crypto was supposed to be independent of the institution so that it's value does not vary or volatile.  

A brilliant panel discussion moderated by Abhishek Kishore Gupta, Partner KPMG India, on “A Decentralised Future.”They outlined advisor, network & capital as key ingredients of a successful blockchain project with industry experts Giacomo Arcaro and Giovanni Casagrande followed by an interactive Q/A session.

Investors Utsav Somani and Mohak Agarwal discussed in a panel moderated by Daniel Steeves about the investments in the blockchain. The panel had an active session throughout the discussion. Utsav Somani, Partner Angellist, commented during the discussion, We are at a level in the blockchain, is same as early internet before the introduction of https.

Niki Ariyasinghe, Partner at R3 talked about the power of blockchain for the enterprise sector. He focused on the discussion over the problem of the industry by saying, What I see is NOT What you see. His session was followed by an informative Q/A session.

The AMA session with Mr. Simon Cocking and the informative note from Mr. Tim Draper was few of the key attractions of the event.

Cathy Guo, Co-founder of Dunya Labs discussed the three phases of Mass Adoption, where she focused her speech on the Application specific Blockchains, the General purpose of concept and the Decentralised Apps. She also discussed Cryptocurrency and blockchain having an edge.

An interactive panel discussion moderated by Varun Sethi discussed the Blockchain regulations in India along with the industry experts Anshul Dhir, Opinder Preet Singh, and Ankit Gaur. They were actively answering queries that were being asked by the audience. 

The active participation from some of the innovative startups was also seen at the event. Projects like BIENT, Dunya Labs, Farm2Kitchen, ELAD, DGram, and Intrachain were some of the startups that presented their projects and ideas at the event.

The central concept of WireSummit 2018 was to bridge the gap between the Blockchain startups and investors, and it is accomplished because of the active participation by everyone present at the event. The networking and the interactions were actively facilitated during the event and covered by many publications as well


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