Financial Forum–JOAEF, March 13-14, 2021


AFAQ Group, MENA region’s renowned exhibitions organizer, has announced the launch of  the 20th edition of the Jordan   Financial Forum–JOAEF, March 13-14, 2021. 

The event will bring together leading brands in the online trading, fintech, banking, digital assets, blockchain, and payments sphere, in a full-scale, highly immersive virtual conference. 

JOAEF will provide a unique opportunity to network, engage, and access the latest offerings from exhibitors showcasing their products and services through customizable booths. 

“This year, AFAQ GROUP announces the launch of the largest economic conference for twentieth editions under the title, (Blockchain and Financial Innovation Summit), to follow what we started, especially after the Corona pandemic. To add up to our 20-years' experience of organizing successful events, this current edition will invite the brightest minds and experiences to talk about the latest developments in Block chain technology and innovations in the world of finance and investment, especially after changing the rules of the game of financial investments through the world of modern technology, innovations and creativity, which was able in a short period to act as an alternative to the traditional system and the change It is in line with an unprecedented acceleration towards the future to serve and facilitate humanity in all sectors of life..” commented Khaldoun  Nusair, AFAQ 

Group Chairman.  

Please find the conference agenda attached for your guidance​​

​ and you can register for the conference directly, using the following link​

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