CIS 2019


In mid-October, Los Angeles will become a place of pilgrimage for crypto enthusiasts. Thousands of participants, investors, and various companies will come together. And all these thanks to Crypto Invest Summit. This event consolidates the world's leading speakers. This summit will be visited by leaders of the blockchain industry, developers, investors, and crypto entrepreneurs. The exhibition held twice a year. The next event will be held on October 15-16, 2019 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

CIS is a new word in conferences. Many developers, entrepreneurs, and investors will come together to consider a new vector of global industry trends. If you feel yourself among the crypto enthusiasts, then you should visit this summit.

ICOHOLDER  happy to announce a media partnership with CIS  this year. It is excellent news as it is the top conference of the year you can not miss. On the conference you can see the speeches of the top speakers of the crypto industry. Don't miss out on Tim Draper from Draper Associates, Shruthi Rao (Amazon Blockchain) and Anthony Pompliano (Morgan Creek Capital). Already, 32 leading speakers, who are professionals in their field, have been confirmed.

You should attend this crypto conference. It will be divided into four stages. You will be able to see the iconic performances of principal figures of the crypto industry and participate in thematic conversations. It is an incredible chance to attend the speech of blockchain technology leaders and get to know them personally.

You can participate in the investment panel and learn new industry trends; priceless knowledge can be applied to investments and securities, so investors can get new tips on crypto investing and developing dApps. The corporate blockchain panel will tell you a lot about innovation and will help create a realistic picture of the modern crypto industry. Investors can pay attention to new business strategies and new opportunities for venture capital.

Speakers will share with you forecasts for the future and possible options for where the industry will be in the coming years. CIS is a locomotive of innovation and invaluable information that can be extremely useful for you. Participation in the summit will help you learn about the inherent potential of new cryptocurrencies and discuss the latest trends with opinion leaders. It is one of the few places where you can personally communicate with the most significant players in the industry. You can ask your questions at pre-party and afterparty.

All participants will be able to get concentrated information about business trends, new digital technologies, and the future of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technologies are developing rapidly. Only opinion leaders keep up with trends. If you want to keep abreast of all directions, then Crypto invest summit your ticket in the first row.

This event opens the door to the world of modern technology. Perhaps you can make valuable contacts or find out helpful information. The summit will be useful to both developers and crypto enthusiasts who want to stay updated on the latest developments. New technologies and cryptocurrency growth prospects will be affected by our speakers during their speeches. These are people of world renown. You should listen to their performances to stay in trend.

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