Barcelona Blockchain Week


In last year's first edition of Barcelona Blockchain Week, we gathered more than 11,000  attendees from all around the world.  This will be held again in 2019 from October 25th to  October 31st.  While the week will offer a variety of meet-ups, conferences and workshops there are two very special events to keep an eye on.  

The opening event Democracy4all is more than just another conference.  It is a unique 2-day  experience to live, to learn and to share.  All attendees will have a chance to explore how  blockchain is changing our lives, with insightful speakers on stage and a positive and  sustainable environment surrounding them.  The line-up of the D4A conference is built  around matters related to the use of blockchain technology in governance. 

During two days such topics as digital identity and self-sovereignty, privacy and transparency  of data, latest changes in blockchain related regulations and compliance issues, blockchain  based e-voting and fact checking systems will be covered.  

After D4A conference ends the second exclusive event will welcome its guests to celebrate  the most remarkable achievements in the industry during our Gala Dinner & Global 

Blockchain Awards Ceremony.  Barcelona Blockchain Week considers that one of the most  effective instruments for expanding the blockchain technology is to generate references and  examples of use cases, applications, professional careers, creations, proposals and performances worthy of being honoured. 

The judges who will make up the panel are comprised of people with renowned prestige  within the global blockchain ecosystem and the academic world.  At this time, four judges have been announced Daniel Marco, Jonny Fry, Ran Neuner, and Valentin Preobrazhenskiy.  

The winners will receive a figure alluding to ‘castellers’, one of the most beloved cultural  manifestations of Catalonia. The symbol of castellers, like blockchain, means union among  people and trust between each other.  

Both event highlights; Global Blockchain Awards ceremony and Democracy4all conference will take place in the Casa Llotja de Mar in Barcelona, the historic headquarter of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and a building traditionally linked to industry and  commerce. The history of the building of La Llotja with its great Gothic hall, dates back to  the 14th century and its current entourage coming from the 18th century.  

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