- Crypto Side Event in Dubai! Blockchain Analysis, crypto arbitrage. How to start making money with cryptocurrency?


ArbitrageScanner, a pivotal player in the cryptocurrency sphere, is set to host an exclusive gathering in Dubai, assembling leaders in web3, blockchain analysis, and cryptocurrency arbitrage. Revered as the premier platform for arbitrage and blockchain analysis, ArbitrageScanner boasts an array of success stories and glowing endorsements from satisfied clients.

At this highly anticipated event, attendees will gain access to one of the most esteemed side events offered by ArbitrageScanner – providing cutting-edge crypto tools for cryptocurrency arbitrage and on-chain analysis. Renowned for its excellence, ArbitrageScanner enjoys a distinguished reputation among its peers, bolstered by numerous positive client testimonials. Last year, the team orchestrated three major events in Dubai, Istanbul, and Bangkok, attracting prominent figures from the crypto community.

This year, the event series commences in Dubai on April 17th and 18th. Throughout the two-day affair, attendees will engage in premium networking amidst luxurious amenities, including a swimming pool, fine dining, beverages, and hookah. Admission to this event is carefully curated, ensuring an exclusive audience of VIPs and current service clients.

The significance of ArbitrageScanner events transcends traditional networking opportunities. Participants will explore pivotal topics and gain access to insider knowledge seldom disclosed in mainstream channels. Additionally, attendees will relish the opportunity to unwind in a luxurious villa while absorbing invaluable insights from seasoned market experts.

How can you get to an ArbitrageScanner Event?

This is an exclusive private event where only invited VIP guests and ArbitrageScanner clients can attend. The advantage is that here you will be able to communicate with industry leaders, learn about new strategies on the market from the clients of the service who are constantly earning hundreds of thousands of dollars. You will become a part of the strongest community where you will gain new useful acquaintances, practical knowledge from the best traders and important insider information.

Who will attend of ArbitrageScanner Event?

- Traders with over $5 million in capital
- Tier-1 crypto fund owners, major exchanges.
- Successful clients of ArbitrageScanner who have left the P2P sphere, are involved in arbitrage and are willingto share their experience with you.

You will analyze profitable cases of making money on the market, including those using blockchain analysis. The team and clients of the service will share practical knowledge that will help you competently evaluate the market, find profitable wallets and make money on it.

17-18 April, Dubai | Largest 3-storey villa in an iconic location in Dubai.

To attend the closed side event, you must subscribe to the service. The number of seats is limited, so be sure to book your seat in advance!

Free Pass - free access on the 2nd day of the event. To receive a ticket, you must register online and complete an application form. Important: The number of seats is limited, so book your ticket in advance. In order to guarantee access to the event, we recommend that you subscribe to the service. Access to the event is on the second day. You will have access to welcome drinks and the opportunity to take part in important discussions and learn how to make money from on-chain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage. To book your place in advance, please complete the registration form on the website

-  VIP Pass - worth 200 USD if you already have an ArbitrageScanner subscription (Business plan and above). Access to the event - for 2 days, plus access to a private VIP area, unlimited food/drinks and ArbitrageScanner branded gifts.

*We recommend this rate for full access to the 2 day event with all VIP privileges.

-  VIP Pass - free, with access for 2 days - if you are a media/influencer with a large loyal audience.To get a ticket, you need to contact the ArbitrageScanner team to confirm your request. You need to publish a video or article about our event. A big advantage for you is that you can place an affiliate link on ArbitrageScanner and earn 50% from each purchase.

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To become part of the community and attend any event, all you need is a valid subscription to the ArbitrageScanner service. Not only will you get unlimited passes to events around the world, but you will also have access to the best tools for cryptocurrency arbitrage, analysis and wallet search.

Secure your spot at the premier side event today! Over two full days, you'll engage in productive networking, enjoy quality relaxation, and forge new connections. If attending isn't feasible, we encourage you to explore the ArbitrageScanner service, subscribe, and start earning with the finest tools for on-chain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage.

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