Amid Fundraising Cryptocurrency Concerns, IDACB offers a host of solutions

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When blockchain startups first emerged, it seemed that any company with basic technological capabilities and strong marketing plans could raise large funds from the public. Now, even the smallest consumers are more demanding and many remaining blockchain startups have to go through strenuous efforts to raise a minimal sum.

One pioneering association is hoping to change the way that blockchain startups meet with interested high net worth contributors forever by offering a powerful network for blockchain startups to meet high-end investors through roadshows. is the official page of the association and is the official page for Roadshow opportunities.

IDACB, is the largest International Decentralized Association on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain and gives the opportunity for the most successful ICOs from around the world to connect with and build partnerships with other ICO teams and the best investors. Projects are given the opportunity to promote their platforms through pitches as well as the chance to connect one on one with investors during a private coffee break session, creating unmatched business opportunities for ICOs

The goal of the IDACB’s team is to be the leading world blockchain association that will change the general perception that Cryptocurrencies are still too volatile, too complicated or something for only the high-end users from the private investor’s perspective by linking growing blockchain companies with ultra-high net worth investors to accelerate the industry’s development.

‘’To support ICOs, we have created a number of services. From Investor Relations and Roadshows to Advisory Board and PR & Media, so any scalability to 95 countries of IDACB are at your disposal. Kindly take a look at our website and let us know if you’re interested in anything!’’, says IDACB Secretary, M.Ch.

Yet to date, the IDACB has held and organized roadshows in 20 countries with local partners and will continue growing companies through investor relations that way. The IDACB also has a private investment fund, with a current portfolio valued at more than $5M in ICOs and hosts its very own cryptocurrency management team.

A few satisfied partners have expressed their gratitude regarding their experience with IDACB roadshows.

‘’It took us plenty of time to become Partners with IDACB as we made numerous amounts of due-diligence on the Association and saw the massive background in Investor Relations sphere. We made crucial contacts, got advisors for our project and after World Blockchain Roadshow we got over $2 000 000 from the connections made on IDACB event. We would definitely recommend it to everyone who seeks rocket-fast development of their Project.

Roadshow is one of the most controversial topics in the ICO and Crypto sphere, as there are dozens of low-quality Roadshows, which can connect you only with Crypto-enthusiasts.’’ Says Neironix.

“We were skeptical about coming to the Roadshow, but we decided to try it. We have participated in 4 Roadshows of IDACB, and we clearly understand they know how to do their business. We attracted only a few funds from the first touch, but the quality of the contacts we’ve got from these events were unpredictably high. We are now making the contract worth $750,000 with the people we were introduced to during these events. From the first sight Roadshows are not worth to visit, but with the proper IR work it’s one of the best ways to attract funding”, says Emmares.

Any partnership with IDACB allows companies to effectively expand business contacts in the 95 countries in which they are present. Benefits of partnership are numerous, such as invitations to events and private meetings with high net worth investors. Moreover, the partnership entitles the ICOs to discounts for the remainder of IDACB services.

The IDACB has created a number of useful tools and services to serve the community. Here is a short vision of it through project lifecycle;

Strong IDACB Advisory Board available for projects looking for guidance in the many processes of fundraising and development. Companies can request an advisor through IDACB and/or receive a no-cost consultation upon initiation of any other service with the association.

Contribution Dashboard available at with KYC and AML integration for only 5,000 USD. Extremely competitive pricing as compared to average market prices.

Opportunities to speak at IDACB member events throughout different countries where IDACB’s members are present.

Access to discounted media rates of up to 50% for IDACB members.

Pitching private investors is not easy. Hire world pitchers to secure private investors for your project.

IDACB’s own ICO investment fund. As a supporter of blockchain industry growth, IDACB users their own funds to invest in ICOs to show their trust in the market. 

General ICO rating score aggregator. An Instrument for Investors to evaluate Projects using the data collected from 10 rating partners and for Projects to see their real position in the cryptocurrency business with IDACB Rating Aggregated Score (RAS).

More details regarding IDACB services are available here:
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Email: [email protected]

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