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Powervest ICO

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We are a token built on the Etherium Blockchain that invests your contributions in AI and economically efficient renewable energy development companies as well as other cryptocurrencies. We use a series of decentralised AI nodes to pick the highest yield investments in these fields. We are something completely new to the crypto world,
Jan 1, 2018
Mar 1, 2018
100% completed
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Cap 1 000 000.00 PWT1
Hard cap 3 000 000.00 PWT1
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United Kingdom
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About Powervest ICO


When was the last time you heard of a token that wants to "revolutionise banking," or "speed up transactions," or make a "universal payment platform," if you follow ICO's then A LOT.

 We are something new , we are a token that's business model is based on : 

- A decentralised network of AI investment nodes 

​- We invest in boom industries such as the current crypto boom in order to generate capital 

​- We invest our funds in AI R&D companies to be the kick starter to the future as well as securing your investments.

​- Our primary field  of investment is Renewable energy and our team has 11 years of experience in investing in this field , it is rapidly growing and will cause a global energy market dynamic shift.

​- We also back the far future of fusion power R&D companies as they can take a glass of water and use the simple yet elegant E=mc^2 principal to make it generate as much energy as a rod of uranium , this is planning for the next 40-50 years.

​-We also have our on private research into biomass, PV and CSP energy solutions.

​-We are new and we invest in the future and are preparing you to profit from the next 2 capital booms => AI and economically efficient renewable energy.

​-Also if you buy now then you can QUADRUPLE(4X) your money by simply buying during the 300% bonus, and OCTUPLE(8X) your money if you contribute 5ETH or more and buy before 15/JAN/2018


A decentralised network of AI investment nodes 


Powervest ICO Team

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Mateusz Nowak
Founder , CEO / CXO
Lukas Kazlauskas
Robert. A . Smith
Daniel O'sullivan
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