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Polygon City

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Polygon City is a Crypto game based on Play to Earn system on Polygon network.
Invest in the city and become a real estate tycoon
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About Polygon City

What is Polygon City?   Polygon City is a GameFi investment platform where you can fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams and create a thriving business. All this while having fun and earning money. In Polygon City you will be able to feel that sensation of rising from below and creating your own empire, being the owner of several companies and, in the future, farms and industries. Start as a small investor and work your way up to owning the most profitable businesses in the world of Polygon City. In the process, you will have a lot of fun in addition to learning how to manage your fortune and your properties.     What is the future of Polygon City?   Polygon City was developed with long-term investment in mind, the amount of 1 billion tokens was created already thinking about the future of Polygon City's Metaverse. In the coming years, two new projects will be added, Polygon Farms & Polygon Industries, which will be investment projects interconnected with Polygon City and will share the same PCITY currency. Get ready to invest in a city with no limits to growth as the metaverse will be our new reality and you will be ready to face it like a great investor. Imagine the business you want at your fingertips, your own company, your own farm, your own industries generating high profits for you, Polygon City will provide that and much more. In addition, we take it to you for you to enjoy and start living like the great entrepreneur you are. Check here a small list of what we want to deliver to you in Polygon City:
  •   Invest in small stores
  •   Invest in condominiums
  •   Own a gas station
  •   Buy the dreamed software company and big shopping
  •   Hire managers for your companies
  •   Give your companies the name you want
  •   Visit neighboring cities
  •   Make an offer to be the mayor(owner) of another city
  •   Transfer your city to another investor, for a fair price of course
This is just the beginning, there is much more to come in the POLYGON CITY metaverse.


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