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About Peseta Token

We present you Peseta token, the token oriented to renewable energy, more specifically to solar energy. When we think  about renewable energies, wind, hydraulic, tidal, biomass and solar, among others, may come to mind.
From all of them we have decided to take advantage of solar energy. On average, Spain has about 2,500 hours of sunshine per year. This level of sunshine makes our country an ideal place to generate our own clean energy through solar panels.
Peseta Token is a collectible token belonging to the Euro Shiba Inu Ecosystem, which is committed to the creation of the largest photovoltaic field in Spain and possibly in Europe. Solar energy is here to stay and become the energy of the future.
In Spain, renewable energy sources are becoming a primary source for society. Since we have the privilege of living in one of the countries with more hours of sunshine in Europe, we have the responsibility to take advantage of this natural  gift. Extremadura, a region located in the center-west of the peninsula, has the advantage of being one of the sunniest in all Europe.

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