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The intent of Percival is to overturn the common knowledge for existing mining market, and to build infrastructure and system for server provision that is not existed so far, and to issue token that is accepted into crypto currency market and daily living.
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Apr, 2019
Apr, 2019
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About Percival

The intent of Percival is to overturn the common knowledge for existing mining market, and to build infrastructure and system for server provision that is not existed so far, and to issue token that is accepted into crypto currency market and daily living.

The existing mining market consumes much power so the share by Chinese companies that has advantageous in cost such as electric cost is more common.

Besides, the big companies in Asian countries are expecting expansion of crypto currency market and prepare infrastructure in other countries, and are seeking stable profit by investing huge amount of money.

We are going along with that but do not select the participants by the economic reason, and could be ready for success of this project by breakthrough idea and technology to become something assuming part of stable asset management. For detail, we use CPU and GPU that has high performance and super low power consumption required by mining, and develop/manufacturer the front-line high performance super power consumption mining machine, and develop the hard wallet with high security.

By the experience of design and development for semiconductor front-line device, we invent idea of unique hard device and develop the super small size mining server that is used SOC by world’s front-line semiconductor 7 nano technology.

For the hard wallet associated with that, it will be prepared environment that is not easily subject to cyberattacks not to have risks for participant’s property.

Our hard wallet is card type with fingerprint sensor and has the highest security level among the existing private wallet. Due to that, it can prevent hacking and its secondary damage before happens, and we prepare and provide system that can unify management of mining pool and hard wallet for everyone to join safety.

We believe the mining server that permeates daily living will be the asset management in the new era.
Herewith, Percival project will attempt to provide the tool that is acceptable by all users.


Few Reasons to Choose Percival
Security reinforcement
Percival is also focused on the security provision to keep participant’s property and right, and to make it a goal to maintain the market stabilization.
Soft security
Building the web application security using OWASP, we will offer the more secure environment and achieve the safety dealing using digital sign by public key cryptography, and also by sharing account information, we will support transparency of dealing and protection of privacy.
Hard security
By using semiconductor for security, only strong authentication function and approved IoT device will have the limited access to online service. And only approval accessories and consumption parts can be recognized and used.
Hard wallet
Develop the hard wallet for Percival and main altcoin. Improve the environment that will not be subject to cyberattacks to keep participant’s property. It will be card type that can be put in wallet. We will develop the card module with world’s first finger print sensor that can validate identification. By build-in finger print sensor, it cannot be operated by third party and the customer’s property will be kept securely.  

Percival Roadmap

  • June 22nd , 2018

  • Commencement of Token sale Stage1.
  • End of June, 2018

  • Commence of mining machine development. Commence of hard wallet development.
  • End of July, 2018

  • Commence of mining pool development. Commence of security related development.
  • August 21st, 2018

  • Completion of Token sale Stage 1.
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  • August 22nd, 2018

  • Commencement of Token sale Stage 2.
  • November 30th, 2018

  • Completion of Token sale Stage 2.
  • December 1 st, 2018

  • Commencement of Token sale Stage 3.
  • January 31 st, 2019

  • Completion of Token sale Stage 3.
  • End of February ,2019

  • The 1st mining server release. The 1st hard wallet release.
  • February 1 st, 2018

  • Commencement of Token sale Stage 4.
  • March 31 st, 2019

  • Completion of Token sale Stage 4.
  • April 28th, 2019

  • Completing of total system linking.
  • August 11th , 2019

  • Commence of mining machine shipment.
  • September 2nd, 2019

  • Start mining operation.


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Benjamin Chuang
Kouei Nakashima
Ali Elsamni
Wang Xiu Min
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