PCN Corporate Finance

PCN Corporate Finance

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
PCN Corporate Finance that is completely independent of the issuing company because the decision is in your hands
Sep, 2018
Sep, 2018
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About PCN Corporate Finance

 We make a business plan and a financial plan about what we want to deal with at all. In the interests of traditional corporate finances, you have my own or other property that you risk and you already have millions. Only if the business is unsuccessful there is the savings and there is the real estate. Especially if the property is not yours. This is a bit more complex process for StartUp.We provide a corporate and financial plan to a venture capital company who, during a personal interview, has to prove that he will succeed in the market. Finally, a small committee decides whether to provide support or not. So the market does not determine if there is some feedback on the idea, but some people have the right to decide. It is further complicated by the fact that another country has the opportunity to support the idea of ​​having to live or work there and still not being sure that it will receive the necessary help because its own small committee will soon support its own citizens for. What is the solution for PCNCoin? What should we do if our idea (business and financial plan, of course) is not a small committee, but the market itself, ie prospective customers and buyers decide they need it at all? And all this, regardless of the country? That is, it does not matter if you live in the United States and want to start an online or offline business in Japan if the majority says it's OK, you get support! It would be great to live in Germany and your company is located in Malta, the idea is important, not the corporate background! So determine the community about who finances, regardless of country and company structure. Decide who supports it! Decide which idea is useful for getting started! How would it be in practice? For the sake of compulsory implementation, the voting system design is also designed for blocking techniques, proving that each vote is independent of the issuing company! Thus, we can make irrevocable and corrupt corporate finance from the beginning! The result of the voting is transferred to the issuing company's bank without giving the reference without the permission of the issuing company so it can not be influenced. You can decide whether you need support in cryptovalutas (bitcoin, etereum, litecoin, stellar) and replace it with cash or get support from the bank! It's important that you have the prerequisite to make the support available. First, you have to assume that PCNCoin will be the official currency of your company (eg You can pay for a webshop or pay PCNCoins in a massage parlor). On the other hand, the issuing company will be silent 10% at the founding company in case of repayment (payment of the subsidy is possible after the filing of corporate documents where 10% of the issuing company has already been registered). The vote Voting can be voted directly after the project is uploaded and each project is 90 days active on the social network and will be automatically deleted. During this period, coin owners can vote on whether the project can start or not. In addition, owners of coins who did not "vote" for the project do not fund it. Those who voted "yes" are required (according to their vote) to issue their own coin on how to devote the idea. If this does not happen, the system automatically credits 10% of the coins in the cash register of the voters for the benefit of the project! Thus, voting ends in two ways: on the one hand, if the amount collected or the 90 days expires. If the money is collected or what the project has collected over 90 days, we serve as a basis and 80% of them for the developer. The PCNCoin PCNCoin is a fixed amount of cryptovaluta, totaling 2000 million pieces. Already during the programming we have been watching the fact that this is a fixed amount, so it will not be anymore. It is important to operate on a similar principle as Bitcoin, ie it is released in the given cycles, so half of the new cycles are compared to the previous cycle (up to 10 decimal places).This is a total of 30, that is, thirty cycles, presumably over 15 years! So Genesis has a total of 2000 million pieces, so you can not create arbitrarily more. The release of PCNCoin is determined and given by a fixed, protocol-level rule that should not be arbitrarily emitted. In addition, the other aim of multi-cycle emissions is to possess more than 50% of all PCNCoin in order to influence the market. To avoid this, it is also possible to have multi-cycle emissions.Under ICO In the first cycle, exactly 1,000,000 units are released and only about 30 million PCNCoin ICOs are released. This is 30 million 3 cycles, that is, 3 ICO release cycles. Each cycle contains 10 million pieces as follows:- 1. ICO cycle 0.001 € per item- 2. ICO cycle 0.01 € / item- 3. ICO cycle 0.05 € / item We know that this is € 1,110,000, but the target is 100,000 euros, so bonuses and gifts are placed at the ICO at the beginning of trust. ICO Bonus Any ICO client who trusts the project and contributes to the creation of a decentralized corporate financial support system will receive a 300% bonus after each ICO end. Továbbá, mivel a technológiai háttér nem teszi lehetővé a PCNCoint bányászatot, így az ICO alatt 50% -os bónuszt kapnak a tárcánál 20% -kal egy új érme tulajdonos a közösségben, és egy érmét vásárolnak 50 vagy később 20% bónusz érme cserébe a kibocsátó társaság. Végül az általános gyakorlat szerint az ICO alatt kiadott érmék nem "égnek", ha nem, de azt is szeretnénk megtörni ezt a szokást, és szeretnénk jutalmazni a kezdeti hitelességet ugyanazon érme maradék érme ICO, mert mindenki hozzájárult a közös siker! Miért olyan nagy a támogatási rendszer? Mivel tudjuk, hogy sokféle kriptovalut létezik a piacon eddig különböző célokra, azt szeretnénk, hogy a lehető legnagyobb támogatást nyújtsuk azoknak, akik számunkra támaszkodnak, és építenek valamit, ami elősegíti a fejlődést és a haladást. 


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