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Next-gen blockchain monitoring and intelligence platform • Real-time blockchain monitoring and notifications • AML compliance solutions • Cryptocurrency market intelligence • Blockchain forensics • Enhanced security solutions
Sep 15, 2019
Oct 15, 2019
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PARSIQ is a universal blockchain parsing and monitoring tool. The tool provides an analytical view of blockchain transaction history. It also provides real-time monitoring of accounts, transactions, and related blockchain state.

Advanced parsing and processing of transaction trees using big data analytics techniques and machine learning algorithms provide detailed insights into blockchain asset movements.

The platform will eventually work for multiple blockchains and implements a modular design aimed at providing many applications for different use cases. At its core, PARSIQ is designed as an open platform accessible and extensible for everyone.

PARSIQ solves the problem of insufficient monitoring and analytics tools availability in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems. The reorganization of asset and financial infrastructures that has taken place in the shift from centralized structures to trust-free decentralized architectures has caused information about digital assets and transactions to be harder to come by. This is partly because of the pseudo-anonymity of most blockchains, but mostly due to the lack of tool support.

PARSIQ addresses this lack of tool support by providing a comprehensive and modular blockchain analytics platform.

The system is implemented as a mix of centralized and distributed components, combining a high-performance transaction backlog processing service with real-time decentralized monitoring of unconfirmed transactions.

At the lowest level, PARSIQ monitors individual blockchains in real time, providing transaction replays through instrumented virtual machines that can classify transactions into event types. The resulting events can be used for forensic and analytical purposes or as triggers for user-specific real-time monitoring services.



Smart-Triggers redefine the way our users can monitor the blockchain state in real-time using our own ParsiQL programming language.

24/7 crypto alarm

Configurable notifications and programmable actions allow users to timely react to any type of events on the blockchain.

Continuous audit

Continuous audit helps blockchains to follow regulatory compliance and business integrity which is necessary for blockchain mass adoption.

Retrospective analysis

PARSIQ allows users to replay any part of the blockchain in order to gather information about its state at any point of time in the past.

Infrastructure geographical distribution

Our technologically advanced infrastructure is spread around various parts of the world in order to achieve the minimum delay in synchronization with any blockchain.

Real-time feature extraction

During the process of blockchain monitoring specific features are gathered and aggregated for further analysis, analytics and pattern formation.

PARSIQ Roadmap


  • 2018
    Concept development Market Research
    System architecture, R&D
    Q1 2019
    Smart-Triggers concept
    Q2 2019
    Documentation, R&D, testing
    Q3 2019
    Monitoring Product beta for ETH
    Q4 2019
    Bitcoin fork-based implementations to the Monitoring Product (BTC, LTC, BCH)
    Q1 2020
    Monitoring Product Live
    (billing implemenation, including PRQ tokens)
    Q2 2020
    Generic multi-chain integrations (Stellar+Assets and others)
    Q3 2020-Q4 2020
    Market Intelligence beta, Forensics Dashboard beta
    Q1 2021
    PARSIQ Protect beta


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Anatoly Ressin
Co-Founder, Chief Blockchain Architect
Andre Kalinowski
Co-Founder, Digital Forensics Engineer
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