Pact Swap

Pact Swap

Created using Figma is an Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain based AMM exchange with liquidity incentivized through farming mechanics and unique NFT for achievement's gamification
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About Pact Swap

As of now, there are three main types of projects:
Centralized exchanges (CEX) with an existing community and access to different types of coins and tokens on different blockchains;
DeFi for profitable farming, where the large market players (users with significant amounts of funds) farm tokens;
Certain DeFi projects targeting users with small budgets. Such projects offer different mechanics of “equality” of users and the earnings of tokens in proportion not to the amount of funds, but to the activities of users.

We offer a system of in-game achievements on all three platforms!

Users can compete in teams of like-minded people (adherents of certain blockchain projects) or solely on different platforms. Such competitions are held openly in the blockchain system.

Any user can:
achieve goals in various aspects of DeFi and CEX platforms and receive rewards in PACT ecosystem tokens;

develop skills in the fields that user's most interested in and experienced;

compete with other users with completely different skills and abilities.

Overall, the PACT ecosystem has many beneficial cross-use combinations of platform products. With the correct balance of mining, farming, discounts on commissions, liquidity from the Base Pool, and arbitrage, the user can get a multiplicative model of the benefits.

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