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Created using Figma
The Scalable Privacy Preserving Platform for Decentralized Applications.
May, 2018
Jun, 2018
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About Origo Network

Privacy is dying online. Current blockchains' unprecedented transparency has made this even worse. All of your data is publicly exposed.

Origo is the cure! Origo is the world first decentralized application platform that protects your privacy.

Origo Protocol: complete privacy preserving solution that supports normal hardware for smart contract input and output, backed by cryptography primitives like zero knowledge proof.

Flexible design for users to choose either public or confidential transaction feature on demand, suitable for various use cases with different privacy needs.

Tailored scalability design for privacy including horizontal scalability, improved consensus and highly portable virtual machine.


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Sonia Wang
Core Contributor
Frank Fang
Software Engineer
Yijia Zhang
Software Engineer
Baron Gong
Dr. Weiran Liu
Hong Chai


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Vincent Zhou
Howard Wu

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Origo Network Reviews

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After taking the Origo idea and comparing it to other security systems that offer different abilities and functionalities, it can be concluded that Origo introduces some unique features like the off-chain execution and on-chain approval of the operation. If the project could deliver all of the announced functionalities, it could certainly get a part of the crypto security market. However, really big competition in the sector brings new companies in the industry with nearly the same security solutions, which, in turn, raises the ability of the project to fight competitors. Traditional market players like McAfee, IBM, Cisco and others have enough competence and resources to transition to blockchain if need be, and what significantly increases commercial risks for projects like Origo. There has been no version of the testnet published yet. The project roadmap is too general, and consists of 5 stages. The project team does not state their short-term goals, while writing only the final output in it. There is no forecasting about the project’s market share and the amount of users of the Origo Protocol. Business development goals are covered in insufficient detail. There are different members with different backgrounds represented on the team with programming experience dominating. However, there are no exact roles distributed within the project, and no team structure. This raises the question of each worker’s field of responsibility. Only three members out of nine contain information about them on external sources, while all information about others (especially technical contributors) can be known only from the Origo official resource. This raises questions about their real experience and achievements and, as a result, whether they really can create the product described in the white paper. With the whitelist already ended, there is still unclear information about the pre-sale and crowdsale. There are no bonuses during the pre-sale. However, the prices per token differ. The total amount of tokens sold in the pre-sale and crowdsale is uncertain, while there is no information about what will happen to unsold ORIGOs. There is a description of the implementation of the Origo code with other program software with the examples of its implementation. However, there is no GitHub or any other links where the code of the protocol is written. As such, no token metrics and vesting terms can be verified. In addition, it is unclear if unsold tokens will be burnt or kept for future use. There are only social resources with a big auditory mentioned on the official website. This social media looks as if they have oversubscribed with the amount of subscribers in them: small amount of likes, watches, comments as compared to the number of subscribers. Discussions in the official Telegram group are relatively weak given the number of subscribers and the vague points in the documentation. The whitepaper does not have information about many technical aspects and it is stated that more technical info about the project and its features will be available in the next yellow paper. Major topics, such as the use of proceeds, business development activities, and token economics are either not covered at all or covered in insufficient details in the current version of the whitepaper. Given that sale starts on the 7th of August, these unclear matters raise risks for potential investors. The project has an official registration in Singapore, so there should be few problems in contacting legally approved projects. Meanwhile, the project does not mention their partnerships and it does not have any legal counsel from abroad which could prove useful as far as cyber security is concerned.

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The difference between top privacy blockchain projects such as Monero, Zcash, etc. is that those projects just keep the transactions private but Origo Network apart from keeping the transactions confidential will also help in keeping the creation and execution of smart contracts private without revealing input and output. The project at the momen have some strong investors backing them which I like. The idea seems interesting but with no MVP and very long roadmap, it may lose hype early. But since airdrop are lucrative I request everyone to register for it. I may invest.

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Ian Balina

Passing on Perlin, Origo, and Machine Exchange Coin for not having all-star teams (2+ all-stars) in my opinion.

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