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Jul 23, 2018

Open Source University is the World's Academic & Career Development Ledger in the process of making. It is to be empowering 7 billion learners to connect to world's top academic education and professional development opportunities on the Ethereum blockchain.
OS University provides a distributed platform to track and validate (in an immutable manner) individual academic and professional development achievements for learners throughout the world. Through the platform, learners are one reach away from the best educational offerings (thanks to the marketplace side of the solution) and one reach away from hiring businesses (thanks to the job matchmaking side of it).
By using smart contracts, we store all the certification, reflecting learning and development progress of the learners into the blockchain and give them access to education and professional opportunities, corresponding with their interests and achievements. Businesses on the other hand benefit by targeting the right candidates
Jun 4, 2018
Jul 1, 2018
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About Open Source University

The OS.University decentralized platform bridges the gap between businesses and education through the blockchain (used for validating and verifying learners’ credentials) and smart contracts (managing content purchases, marketplace transactions and hiring processes).

We apply open source technologies and principles of collaboration to re-engineer the current-state educational model by building a system to enable smarter transactions of information & value through institutional, national borders. There will be a highly sophisticated matching algorithms system which will take care of:

Professional opportunities will be presented to every learner in accordance with their interests
and level of skills he has.

Matching algorithms will rely on already verified data related to the skills and experience of the Learner gained through the years.

Auto-suggesting talents to a company based on the percentage of overlap between interests of the Learner and the Business. This particular matching algorithm will facilitate the job of HR specialists and will drastically optimize business costs regarding all stages of the recruitment process.

Academy analytics which allows Learners to gather in alumni networks and closely collaborate with the educational providers. Introduce trust in achieved results along with open and clear communication processes.

Technical Info

About Open Source University

L2B Smart Contract
The Open Source University blockchain is used as a distributed database to store learner certifications & acquired skills. Matching algorithm will handle big data calculations to connect businesses with the right candidates, optimising recruitment costs, sourcing time and precision.

L2A Smart Contract
Learners have all their degree credits safely stored into the blockchain, allowing them to pick their career paths via course suggestion algorithm based on live data business needs (and skill demand projection) and providing access to a flexible, fast track education model.

B2A Smart Contract
Allows businesses to access a new generation of Learning & Development marketplace, where learning content providers are filtered based on their disciplines catalogue and academic rating (both stored in the blockchain), while payments are securely managed by smart contracts eliminating the need of middleman transaction processing.

Open Source University Roadmap

  • H1 2015

  • OSUni proof-of-concept phase initiated, along with corporate partners from Bulgarian industry and software development sectors, resulting in early versions of system's architecture and design.
  • H2 2015

  • OSUni research project initiated at the Faculty of Management within the Technical University of Sofia, resulting in scientific publications on the subject, published in Bulgaria, Latvia, and the Czech Republic.
  • H1 2016

  • OSUni announced among top 10 social innovation ideas globally, in competition with 400 technology concepts and 130+ project proposals as part of the Living Progress Challenge of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
  • H2 2016

  • OSUni receives positive reviews and engages in expanding its partnership network under programs for support of young entrepreneurs, led by the Ministry of Economy and the Open Society Institute, as well as through the Sofia Business School.
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  • H1 2017

  • OSUni announced as 2017 "YouthSpeak'' forum winner in Latvia, based on a scaled-down prototype version, resulting in a 2-month distributed learning program implementation project at a community center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • H2 2017

  • OSUni development phase reaches important milestone, given the expansion of the team with professionals from a leading software consultancy and experts, specializing in blockchain-based applications, leading the way to our initial currency offering (ICO).
  • H1 2018

  • EDU tokens will be registered for trading at various cryptocurrencies exchanges. Universities, online platforms, and other L&D providers, will be onboarded, along with their educational offerings.
  • H2 2018

  • Finalizing backend of our platform and additional functionality of the smart contracts in order to reach maximum customer experience and make our solution standard which is obligation of the pioneers. OSUni platform reached enough maturity beta version to be released.
  • H1 2019

  • A global educational marketplace will function on top of the distributed database, i.e. the Ethereum blockchain. Academia, learners, and businesses will have the chance to see the benefits of implementing the platform in practice – from learning, credentials verification, and career development perspective. First of the leading platforms offering MOOCs will be opperetional and gaining from the benefites of the system.
  • H2 2019

  • Interaction between learners, academia and businesses will become more intense after involving enterprises making the micro-environment between businesses, academia and learners more vital and collaborative

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Open Source University Team

Verified 100%

Hristian Daskalov
Project Lead
Jordan Jambazov
Technology Lead
Momchil Jambazov
Creative Technologist
Dobromir Kovachev
Blockchain Developer
Teodora Alexieva
Marketing Manager


Verified 33%

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Gordon Kerr
Senior Investment Adviser


$33 271 215

Aly Madhavji
Senior Strategy Advisor
Prof.sergey Ignatov
Senior Academia Adviser
Detelina Smilkova
Senior Academia Adviser
Prof.ognyan Andreev
Senior Research Adviser
Jeroen Van Hertum
Business Adviser


$500 100

Kalin Tsekov
Technology Adviser
Angel Georgiev
Senior Corporate Adviser
Yana Vangelova
Community Adviser
Kuzman Iliev
Research Adviser
Vladimir Sirkarov
Research Adviser
Evelina Prodanova
Organizational Adviser
Miglen Evlogiev
Technology Adviser
Iva Tsolova
Community Adviser
Miroslav Pantaleev
Academia Adviser

Former members

Prof. Kevin Dowd
Visionary & Token Economics Lead
Vladimir Tasev
Blockchain Developer
Petar Angelov
Victor Zhang
Academia Adviser

Open Source University Interviews

Hristian Daskalov
What is your opinion about the project?
in contrast to the vast sea of wannabe-disruptor ICO campaigns, OS.UNIVERSITY project is unique in the sense of having already been recognized by industry-leaders such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Ernst & Young, AIESEC, The European Comission. We are named as one of the top ten social innovation ideas worldwide, as part of "Living Progress Challenge 2016", addressing the global development goals of the United Nations in the field of education and professional development. Our platform will enable billions to find, organize and validate their learning accomplishments beyond institutional and national borders.
Jordan Jambazov
What is your opinion about the project?
My opinion about Open Source University is that it is one of the few blockchain projects that actually do make sense - bringing people certifciation to the blockchain and connecting learners & businesses has the potential to revolutionize the learning and development markets.
Dobromir Kovachev
What is your opinion about the project?
"Open Source University project is real game changer because it's first solution which will connect academies, businesses and students in such a transparent and way.
From one side businesses will have instant access to infinite pool of new talents targeted by specific skill requirements and with proven track records verified by authorized academic organizations.
On the other hand learners will be more motivated knowing that during their education can be reached by businesses offering them unique professional opportunities and personal development.

With a few words our project will take it's time but it's also recognized by numerous businesses and academies which are waiting to integrate the platform."
Teodora Alexieva
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Our mission is to provide learners and employees with a decentralised solution to claim and advance their academic and professional identity beyond borders by introducing an immutable credentials passport as-a-service on the Ethereum blockchain.
What is the Open Source University platform and what is it for?
Open Source University shall be a distributed education and certification platform, operating on the public Ethereum blockchain. The platform distinguishes 3 main networks where business, learners and Academia will transparently collaborate. By using our distributed platform learners can store their certificates end academic achievements allowing businesses to reach them based on the current demands they have for specialists.
Why are EDU tokens necessary?
All services offered in the OSUni will be paid with EDU tokes and Ether. All users paying their courses with EDU tokens will not be charged for supporting our decentralized application.
Will there be additional EDU tokens after the ICO?
No. We want to be open and correct with our users and EDU tokens will only be issued at the current ICO campaign. Allowing customer satisfaction by burning and decent percentage of the tokens in order to maintain sustainable market rates for EDU tokens.
Is there a minimum or maximum of EDU tokens I can buy?
No. There are no restrictions in the number of token you can buy.
Do I need registration in order to participate?
Yes. You need to register in our platform with your personal ID. As a part of a legal ICO campaign we strictly follow the existing Anti money laundering (AML) and counter financing of terrorism procedures. All personal data collected will be encrypted and security saved. Please note that OSUni is a registered personal data administrator.
Are there some countries whose citizens cannot participate in the ICO?
Yes. Due to regulatory restrictions in the following countries their citizens cannot participate in the ICO: USA, China, Russia, North Korea, Singapore

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