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The coin only rich and smart people can afford
May 1, 2018
Jun 14, 2018
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About Onepercentcoin

The coins are very limited in number: only 1000 are available. They are really only for the élite. Don’t miss out on your chance to own them. They will all be gone before you know it, if you don’t buy them RIGHT NOW.

Are you here to buy some cryptocurrencies in hopes of making some money? You are in the wrong place! Here, you can only pay an outrageous high amount of ether to buy an inflated token, whose only purpouse is to show, no scratch that, to PROVE without a shadow of a doubt how rich and smart of an entrepeneur you are.

We bet that those of you that will simply dismiss this page as silly won’t even be able to admit to themselves that you clearly are not that rich. Or smart.

It’s easy to show off once in a while, pretending to be rich, but you obviously are not. Otherwise you would have already bought the token. Simple as that!

We can’t stress this enough: the sole purpouse of this coin is to buy and show off how much you’re worth. Do NOT and we repeat DO NOT “invest” in this coin, thinking you will earn something out of it, because you probably won’t. As a Matter of fact, you will probably lose money, given the volatility of the market. But this is not what it was meant for. This coin is to buy as a symbol. Show it off proudly to everybody. Who is the richest of the richies?  The guy that can afford to buy a valueless coin just to show off, that’s who.

And no, we are not techincal guys and don’t know nothing about security and cyber attacks, so don’t even bother asking. Too afraid of hackers to put your Ether down? Next guy please, you’re not the one we are looking for, but thanks anyways.

If you can’t afford it, somebody else will.


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