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Created using Figma
Focus on researching stable coin
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About One Lab

One Magic  

One Magic is a improvement fork of Alchemix Finance which released on BSC. One Magic has a special automatic loan repayment system. Users can unlock their future yield.

How to use:

  • Deposit will be used in a yield vault

  • Mint 50% of deposit by onUSD immediately

  • onUSD is a 200% collateralisation ratio stable token, anchored at $1

  • Use your onUSD to buy what you like, your yield will automatically help you pay off your debts


One Cash  

If you know, you can quickly become an expert in this system. But we still made some changes.The mechanism of ONC is to anchor 1 usd as much as possible. As a share of the entire system, ONS can obtain issued ONC.

However, we spent a long time to rethink the entire economic system and relaunched system. The following are the highlights of this update:

  • ONC-DAI pool deposit is permanently locked

  • Remove most of codes and rewrite it, fixed potential vulnerabilities

  • Refactor ONC distribution algorithm

  • Remove bond system

  • Develop some Defi products, which are used to support One Cash



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