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OctoFi gives you cash back when you transact with trusted DeFi and NFT marketplaces, across multiple blockchains, through our all-in-one dApp.
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About OctoFi

OctoFi gives you cash back when you transact with the most trusted decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces. Earn free crypto. Octomatically.

Our cashback mechanism is built into:

  1. OctoFi dApp: an all-in-one decentralized application serving up direct access to a broad range of DeFi and NFT marketplaces from one convenient location.
  2. OctoFi Token: an ERC-20 on the Etherum network, OCTO is used to govern the project, unlock exclusive features, and earn your share of revenue.

 How does it work?

When you transact with any of our referral partners using our dapp. 100% of any commissions generated by your transactions will be directed to our token holders.

 Why is this important?

We’ve witnessed similar value propositions in the $3.9 trillion ecommerce industry with the likes of Honey, who were acquired by PayPal in 2019 for $4 billion. This model has been replicated by crypto companies such as Lolli.com who use a portion of their ecommerce referral commissions to reward shoppers with Bitcoin cashbacks.

Honey and Lolli for traders anyone?

But we’re crypto native and with over $1 trillion in value settled on the Ethereum alone in 2020, we foresee opportunities for this proven business model to grow exponentially within decentralized finance, collectibles, artworks, exchanges, gambling, gaming, and more!

 When is it useful?

We endeavour to accelerate growth for our referral partners while embracing a multi-chain future, so it’s fair to say every effort is being made to expand our partner network to ensure our products are useful NOW, and well into the future…

  • dApp: bookmark or install as a progressive web app (PWA) even if you prefer to use another wallet (eg. We direct 2.5% cashback from OpenSea to token holders).
  • Token: purchase the OCTO token to gain access to exclusive features, participate in governance, and earn your share of all revenue from the dapp.

As interoperability and composability shape up to be defining narratives within our industry, many leading projects are supercharging their growth by embracing the affiliate model to establish partner programs – ecommerce giants like Amazon certainly did; so why wouldn’t the future blue chips of blockchain?

 Who’s behind it?

OctoFi’s founding team comprising ‘Dr. Octavius’ and ‘Mr. OG’ have chosen to remain anonymous and have a number of reasons for doing so. While their reasoning pertains mostly to decentralization, they’ve also insisted that “you don’t need a team to trust, you need to verify their work.” OctoFi exists because of eight guiding principles. Without them we lose sight of the cypherpunk ethos that birthed a grassroots movement in pursuit of decentralization. We are witnessing the change we all set out to make.

OctoFi Roadmap

  • Aquafarm Q4

  • Profit squeezing tentacles for octomized lending yields on Ethereum
  • Tentacle Q1 2021

  • Pricing oracle aggregator for octomated interchain lending

OctoFi Team

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Alex Perry

OctoFi Last News

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